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  *硬* | 硬* | *硬
hard / stiff / strong / firm / resolutely / doggedly / good (quality) / able (person) / (of food) filling / substantial
hard / solid
stiff / rigid
hard disk
coin / CL:
software and hardware
to have perfect mastery of sth / to be up to the mark
hardcore / hard core
(computing) solid-state drive (SSD)
hard seat (on trains or boats)
man of steel / unyielding, tough guy
to harden / hardening / sclerosis / fig. to become rigid or inflexible in opinions / to ossify
generic term for hard writing instruments such as quill pens, fountain pens, ball pens and pencils, as opposed to writing brushes
tough / unyielding / hard-line
hardening of the arteries / arteriosclerosis
stiff / harsh
robust / healthy
just / simply / stubbornly / really
rigid / inflexible / hard (drug)
firm / unyielding / strong-willed
hard sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a harder bunk)
crust / hard shell
atherosclerosis / hardening of the arteries
stiff / rigid / inflexible / forcibly
cardboard / stiff paper
hard candy
injury / trauma / (fig.) glaring error / flaw / shortcoming
hardware platform
sports coupé (car)
use both carrot and stick / use gentle methods and force / an iron hand in a velvet glove
to brace oneself to do sth / to put a bold face on it / to summon up courage / to force oneself to
lit. eats soft food, but refuses hard food (idiom) / amenable to coaxing but not coercion
to learn by rote / to mechanically memorize
resolute individual / a hard nut to crack / tough mission / difficult task
unmoved by force or persuasion
to stiffen
reluctant to admit a mistake
by brute strength / rashly and forcefully / bull-headed / to work tenaciously with no fear of hardship
hardline faction / hawks
hard power (i.e. military and economic power)
to endure with all one's will / to hold out / rigid / stiff
stearic acid / stearate
susceptible to force but not persuasion
variant of 硬邦邦
to drag sb along against his will / to draw a forced analogy
to meet force with force / painstaking
very hard
(of a bird) to have become fully fledged / (fig.) (of a person) to have grown up (and become independent) / to be ready to spread one's wings
to coax and pester (idiom) / to wheedle / to cajole
to shove
to make oneself do sth in spite of adversity, pain etc
hard target
unyielding attitude
(Tw) hard disk / hard drive
coin-operated / to insert a coin
frozen solid
to freeze solid / frozen stiff
crust (of a solidified liquid etc)
strong / sturdy / awesome
to force oneself upon sb (idiom) / to rape
to fire (pottery)
hard water
multiple sclerosis
sturdy / robust
calcium stearate
to pressure / to press / to force / to compel / to push / to coerce / to urge / to impel / to bully into / to be compelled
to hard-boil (eggs)
bony fishes / Osteichthyes (taxonomic class including most fish)
to force feed
(computer) hardware
tough position
stiff / rigid / obstinate
hardhearted / callous
to starch / to stiffen cloth with starch
hard drive / hard disk
hard / erect / to be in erection
to use force
to get tough / to use force
(coll.) (Tw) to defend an untenable position with ridiculous arguments (Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [ngē-áu]) / Taiwan pr. [ying4 ao1]
hard seat (on trains)
anhydrite CaSO4
atherosclerosis / hardening of the arteries
nut / fruit with hard shell
(esp. of an actor) strong / capable
staunchly honest
hardcore (Tw)
(bird species of China) white-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala)
organza (fabric)
to have a hard landing (economy)
hard-line / hardcore

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