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  *短* | 短* | *短
short / brief / to lack / weak point / fault
text message / SMS
to curtail / to cut down
short in time / fleeting / brief / gasping (breath) / curt (tone of voice)
short term / short-term
short pants / shorts
good prospects in the short term (finance)
of short duration / brief / momentary
brief (statement, summary etc) / briefly / brevity
short film / video clip
short story
phrase (grammar)
short term / short time
length / duration / accident / right and wrong / good and bad / long and short
short term
short circuit
short stave of the barrel (which allows the contents to escape) / (fig.) shortcoming / weak point
lit. use others' strengths to make up for one's weak points (idiom from Mencius) / to use this in place of that / what you lose on the swings, you win on the roundabouts
to text / to send SMS messages
to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses (idiom) / to play to one's strengths
short distance / a stone's throw away
(slang) micro-miniskirt
to lack foresight
sprint (race)
to make a long story short (idiom)
long moan and short gasp (idiom); continually moaning and groaning in pain
better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony
shortcoming / defect / fault / one's weak points
camera (jocular)
short-term financing
(of a person) short but plucky (idiom) / (of an article) concise and forceful
temporary job / odd job / seasonal worker
shortwave (radio)
to defend sb (a relative, friend or oneself) despite knowing that that person is in the wrong
short range
short sleeves / short-sleeved shirt
to commit suicide
stocky (short and robust)
short-term loan
poor and with low expectations / poverty stunts ambition
adjectival phrase
short pass (in ball game)
SMS / text message
the winter days are short and the nights long (idiom)
short- or medium-term loan
brief introduction
short training course
to die young / short-lived
to be shortsighted
to be short of the full amount
unexpected misfortune / unexpected accident / sudden death
family goings-on
energy shortage
to make the best of a bad job / to make the best use of limited resources (idiom)
lit. short-weaponed soldiery fight one another (idiom); fierce hand-to-hand infantry combat / to fight at close quarters
narrow and shallow
lit. for some things a foot may be too short, and for the other an inch will suffice (proverb) / fig. everyone has their strong and weak points / everything has its advantages and disadvantages
narrow and shallow (knowledge or skill) / superficial
ultra short wave (radio) / UHF
to gossip (idiom)
to fall short in one's payments / to lack / to be short of
to shorten / shortening
lit. short jacket party / working people / the toiling masses / blue collar workers
to spread malicious gossip
shorts / tight-fitting clothes
short-sighted / suicide
flash fiction
(slang) micro-miniskirt
short-term storage / store
take from the long to supplement the short (idiom) / to offset each other's deficiencies / to complement each other
lit. to discuss sb's merits and demerits (idiom); to gossip
short wavelength
(of a person) short in stature
short garment / short jacket
brief (in time)
sb who dies prematurely
lit. the Zhangs are better off than the Lis (idiom); to gossip about the neighbors
to spread malicious gossip / also written 飛短流長|飞短流长
the winter solstice
poor prospects in the short term (finance)
quokka (Setonix brachyurus)
brachydactylism (genetic abnormality of short or missing fingers)
lit. the mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach (idiom) / fig. one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted
lit. to argue who is right and wrong (idiom); to quibble / a storm in a teacup
short-term phonological memory
lit. to discuss sb's merits and demerits (idiom); to gossip
(bird species of China) short-tailed parrotbill (Neosuthora davidiana)
(bird species of China) mountain bulbul (Ixos mcclellandii)
(bird species of China) short-tailed albatross (Phoebastria albatrus)
(bird species of China) chestnut bulbul (Hemixos castanonotus)

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