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to look over / to examine / to check up / to ferret out
to watch / to view
  *看* | 看* | *看
to look after / to take care of / to watch / to guard
  *看* | 看* | *看
to see / to look at / to read / to watch / to visit / to call on / to consider / to regard as / to look after / to treat (an illness) / to depend on / to feel (that) / (after verb) to give it a try / Watch out! (for a danger)
to take a look at / to examine / to survey / (coll.) pretty soon
good-looking / nice-looking / good (of a movie, book, TV show etc) / embarrassed / humiliated
to see / to catch sight of
to make out / to see
seemingly / apparently / looks as if / appear to be / gives the impression that / seems on the face of it to be
pattern matching (puzzle game) / matching (type of test question in which presented items are to be paired up)
it depends on...
to come and see / to see a topic from a certain point of view
way of looking at a thing / view / opinion / CL: 個|个
please see ... / vide
not able to see clearly
apparently / it seems that
to read / to study
to look upon / to regard
to understand what one is reading or watching
optimistic (about the outcome) / bullish / to think highly of / to support
unseen / to be invisible
it would appear / it seems (that)
to look as if / to seem
to watch (a TV program)
soon / in a moment / to look on as sth happens
to look upon as / to regard as
unable to make sense of what one is looking at
cannot stand by idly and watch / unable to put up with it any longer / see 看不過去|看不过去
to regard as
to see clearly
to look upon / to take a fancy to / to fall for
see also / please refer to / compare (cf.) / to consult for reference
to understand thoroughly / to see beyond the facade / to see through (sb)
to have a preference for / to fancy / to choose after consideration / to settle on
to have a look
to give it a try
to visit / to pay a call to
to visit a doctor / to see a patient
(in the expression 看在的份上) for the sake of ... / considering ...
to regard as / to look upon as
to regard as important / to care about
audience / spectators / onlookers
to watch / to look carefully at
terrace / spectator's grandstand / viewing platform
ugly / unsightly
see through (a person, scheme, trick etc)
can see / visible
to look down upon / to despise
to nurse / to look after / to watch over / (old) hospital nurse
to follow sb's example / to emulate / (of troops etc) to dress (come into alignment for parade formation)
to look down on / to underestimate
to guard / to watch over
to stand by and pay no heed / to ignore
pleasant to the eye / Taiwan pr. [zhong4 kan4]
worth seeing
bull market (prices appear to be rising)
to watch a play / to watch passively (i.e. from the sidelines, from the crowd)
to observe / to take it all in
to have a whole new level of respect for sb or sth / to sit up and take notice (of sb's improved performance etc)
to look after
detention center
to look after / to attend to / to have in care
it seems / it looks as if
to watch a football game (or other ball game) / Fore! (golf) / Watch out for the ball!
depending on the situation
to belittle / to scorn / to take sth lightly
cannot bear to see / to hate / to dislike / to disapprove
to misinterpret what one sees or reads / to misjudge (sb) / to mistake (sb for sb else) / to misread (a document)
dear reader / dear listener
in my opinion / in my view
to regard as unimportant / to be indifferent to (fame, wealth etc) / (of an economy or a market) to slacken
to look after the house / (of skill, ability) special / outstanding
to think about it
to browse / to look over (books)
to peep / to peek / to steal a glance
to come to accept an unpleasant fact / to get over sth / to cheer up
to observe and make sure / to check
to tell fortune by reading the subject's facial features
to peer / to scan / to examine carefully
lit. to look at flowers in the fog (idiom); fig. blurred vision
to look at one another / to take a good look at / to look upon
to gape at / to stare blankly / to stare in rapture / to stare in awe
to enjoy watching a bustling scene / to go where the crowds are
to do as one sees fit / to play it by ear (according to the circumstances)
to be used to the sight of
to see through / disillusioned with / to reject (the world of mortals)
qualities that make sth worth seeing (or reading)
to attach importance to sth / to value
to show respect for / to think highly of
at first glance
to take in at a glance
unpleasant to the eye / objectionable
You figure it out for yourself. / Do as you please.
(I'll) teach you a lesson / put you in your place
to treat sb favorably / to view in a new light
to see through the world of mortals (idiom, of Buddhist monk) / disillusioned with human society / to reject the world for a monastic life
lit. eyeing what's in the pot as one eats from one's bowl (idiom) / not content with what one already has / (of men, typically) to have the wandering eye
to act like a snob
lit. when one beats a dog, one must answer to its master (idiom) / fig. before punishing sb, one should consider how that would affect others associated with him

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