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to fear
to revere
to fear / to dread / foreboding
unafraid / to defy
to cower / to flinch / to quail / to recoil
dichlorvos C4H7Cl2PO4, organic phosphate used as insecticide (loanword) / also called dimethyl dichloro-vinyl phosphate DDVP
utterly fearless
intimidate at the first glance (idiom); awe-inspiring / terrifying / overwhelming
dreadful / formidable
to feel intimidated
the young will be redoubtable in the years to come (idiom) / the younger generations will surpass us in time
afraid of the head, terrified of the tail (idiom); ever fearful and nervous / afraid of the slightest thing
cowering / cringing
to dread punishment / afraid of being arrested for a crime
gossip is a fearful thing (idiom)
not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
not to submit to force (idiom); to defy threats and violence
to shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance
to commit suicide to escape punishment
dangerous road / (fig.) perilous or intimidating undertaking
to be arrested by fear / restraint / scruple
to view as dangerous (idiom); afraid to do sth
revered friend
lit. a new-born calf has no fear of the tiger (idiom) / fig. the fearlessness of youth
without any fear of consequences / totally devoid of scruples

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