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  *犊* | 犊* | *犊
calf / sacrificial victim
lit. newborn calves do not fear tigers (idiom) / fig. the young are fearless
(dialect) to talk nonsense / to chat idly
(dialect) Beat it! / Scram! / Fuck off!
(of a woman) to be fiercely protective of one's children
lit. the cow licking its calf fondly (idiom) / fig. to show deep affection towards one's children
Mt Baodu in Cangshan county 蒼山縣|苍山县, Linyi 臨沂|临沂, south Shandong
lit. an old ox licking its calf (idiom) / fig. (of parents) to dote on one's children
lit. a new-born calf has no fear of the tiger (idiom) / fig. the fearlessness of youth
the love of a cow licking her calf (idiom) / parental love
to abandon armed struggle and return to raising cattle (idiom)

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