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  *爪* | 爪* | *爪
foot of a bird or animal / paw / claws / talons
  *爪* | 爪* | *爪
(coll.) foot of an animal or bird / (coll.) foot supporting a cooking pot etc
(animal's) claw
chicken feet (cuisine)
Java (island of Indonesia) / Java (programming language)
Monster (energy drink)
evil clutches / claws
holiday cactus
sharp claw / talon
pawn / lackey / accomplice (in crime) / collaborator / henchman / claws and teeth
to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures
(Internet slang) mobile phone
Java (island of Indonesia)
Central Java, province of Indonesia
the sting (of scorpion etc)
West Java, province of Indonesia
lit. one scale and half a claw (idiom); only odd bits and pieces
paw / claw
paws (of small animal) / same as 爪子 / legs of furniture or apparatus / stupid person
a goose's footprint in the snow / vestiges of the past (idiom) / the fleeting nature of human life (idiom)
Xenopus (type of frog)
lit. a dragon's scale from the east and a dragon's claw from the west / odds and ends (idiom)
Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan - "Eagle Claw" - Martial Art
Chinese character component , used in , 愛|爱 etc
(bird species of China) Lapland longspur (Calcarius lapponicus)
pig's trotters
(bird species of China) Java sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora)
(bird species of China) lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni)
paw print
(bird species of China) Javan myna (Acridotheres javanicus)
(bird species of China) Javan pond heron (Ardeola speciosa)
Hu Zhua Pai - "Tiger Claw Sytem" - Martial Art
(coll.) hand

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