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to be in flood / to overflow (the banks) / to inundate / to spread unchecked
  *滥* | 滥* | *滥
overflowing / excessive / indiscriminate
to misuse / to abuse
abuse of power
to churn out large quantities without regard for quality (idiom); rough and slipshod work
to denude / illegal logging / forest clearance
willfully slaughter the innocent (idiom)
cliché / commonplace / truism / stereotype
to kill indiscriminately / to massacre
to bomb indiscriminately
abuse of authority
fickle in love / sentimentality
better to have nothing (than substandard choice) (idiom); would prefer to go without than accept shoddy option
riffraff / scum / lowlife / despicable / inferior
lit. to play the yu mouth organ to make up numbers (idiom); fig. to make up the numbers with inferior products / to masquerade as having an ability / token member of a group
lit. to flood (idiom) / fig. rampant / in plague proportions
abuse of power
sb who tries to be on good terms with everyone
to fall into bad company / to make acquaintances indiscriminately
lit. floating wine goblets on a stream / the origin (of some phenomenon)
hackneyed talk / platitude
indiscriminate punishment
wanton destruction of forested lands
indiscriminately included in company (without any qualification) / see 濫竽充數|滥竽充数
excessive / exorbitant / excessively
clichéd / tacky
arbitrary / indiscriminate
scurrilous / to scold indiscriminately
platitude / pointless talk

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