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  *滚* | 滚* | *滚
to boil / to roll / to take a hike / Get lost!
rock 'n' roll (music) / to rock / to fall off
to roll / (to do sth) in a loop / to scroll (computing) / to progressively expand (economics) / to rumble (of thunder)
roller / cylinder (machine part) / drum
nickname for a panda
to surge on / to roll on
to roll / to boil
scrollbar (computing)
lawn bowls / bocce / pétanque / bowling ball
(computing) to roll back / rollback / (sports) (of a ball) to come back (due to backspin or sloping ground)
get out of here! / beat it!
to boil (of liquid) / boiling hot / Get out! / Go away! / fuck off (rude)
bearing ball
to roll about
Rock Records, Taiwanese record label / the Rolling Stones, British rock band / Rolling Stone (magazine)
rock music / rock 'n roll
boiling / scalding
boiling water
roller bearing
(of a dress etc) border, edging
to go through challenging experiences / to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)
profits pouring in from all sides (idiom) / raking in money / bonanza
as round as a ball
annoying person / troublemaker / pain in the neck
ball bearing
chunks obtained by repeatedly cutting a vegetable diagonally and rotating the vegetable after each cut
to piss in one's pants in terror (idiom); scared witless
lit. ripe as a melon that rolls from its vine (idiom); fig. to know fluently / to know sth inside out / to know sth by heart
(coll.) to have sex
rolling and crawling / trying frantically to escape (idiom)
to tumble
(dialect) Beat it! / Scram! / Fuck off!
post-rock (music genre)
paint roller
ten-pin bowling / bowling ball / (baseball etc) ground ball
(of a liquid) to boil
drum roll
egg rolling (rolling of decorated, hard-boiled eggs down hillsides by children at Easter)
(of animals) round and fat
no gourd is perfectly round, just as no man is perfect (proverb)
shoegaze (music genre)
to suffer mental anguish (idiom)

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