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  *残* | 残* | *残
to destroy / to spoil / to ruin / to injure / cruel / oppressive / savage / brutal / incomplete / disabled / to remain / to survive / remnant / surplus
disabled / handicapped / deformity on a person or animal
disabled person
moronic / brainless / bonehead / retard
cruel / cruelty
to remain / left over / surplus / remnant
brutal / vicious / ruthless
badly damaged / shattered
disabled / maimed / crippled / (of objects) damaged
cruel / mean / merciless / ruthless
remnant / relic / residue / vestige / surplus / to remain / to leave surplus
Paralympic Games
savage / cruel / fierce
to be crippled (in an accident etc)
Paralympics / same as Paralympic Games 殘奧會|残奥会
to survive / remnant
remains / wreckage
to ravage / to ruin
endgame (in chess) / desperate situation / aftermath (of a failure)
(slang) fanboy / fangirl
to mutilate oneself / self-harm
broken / dilapidated
to massacre / to slaughter
to injure / to devastate / to slaughter
remnant / residue / material left over
remainder / filtered out residue / sediment / waste product / debris / detritus / rubbish
deformity / handicapped
China Disabled Person's Federation (since 1988)
(coll.) klutz
surviving section of a classic work / remaining chapters (while reading a book)
cruel and unfeeling (idiom)
a child with a birth defect / a deformed child
to struggle on whilst at death's door (idiom)
to massacre one another (idiom); internecine strife
sick or disabled / invalid / disability
abbr. for 中國殘疾人聯合會|中国残疾人联合会, China Disabled Person's Federation (since 1988)
defective goods
waning moon
litter / trash
the injured / wounded personnel
The Travels of Lao Tsan, novel by late Qing novelist Liu E 劉鶚|刘鹗
to clear up the mess / to pick up the pieces
defeated remnants / scattered survivors
one's late days / to have one foot in the grave
ruined army, defeated general (idiom); scattered remnants
leftover agricultural plastic (as waste or rubbish that needs to be disposed of or recycled)
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman
dilapidated / in ruins
evil elements who have escaped eradication
(literary) ruined walls / ruins
remaining breath / last gasp
(coll.) to regret / what a pity! (loanword from Japanese "zannen")
leftovers from a meal / fig. remnants handed down from others
defeated enemy
defective goods
final days of the lunar year
mistreatment / bullying / tyrannical cruelty
killer / butcher / slaughterer
close kindred slaughter one another (idiom); internecine strife
extant fragment (of book)
spoilt tea, leftover food (idiom); remains after a meal / crumbs from the feast
stubble (the stems of plants after harvest)
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman
to harm people and damage property (idiom)
to destroy
leftovers from a meal
the tiles are broken, the walls dilapidated
lingering fragrance
to gather and patch up sth that is badly damaged (idiom)
conservative / to preserve the outmoded
crumbling fences and dilapidated walls (idiom)
at the end of the year (idiom)
residual contamination
to cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn (idiom); conservative / stickler for tradition
mogote (steep-sided pointed hill in karst landform)

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