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table / desk / CL: 張|张,
desktop / tabletop
dining table / dinner table
  *桌* | 桌* | *桌
table / desk / classifier for tables of guests at a banquet etc
  *桌* | 桌* | *桌
old variant of
round table
desk / CL: 張|张
desk-mate / seat-mate
board game
school desk
tablecloth / (computing) desktop background / wallpaper / CL: 條|条, 塊|块, 張|张
dining table
table tennis / table tennis ball (Tw) / billiards / pool / snooker (HK, Singapore, Malaysia)
desktop system
lectern / podium
old-fashioned square table to seat eight people
to sit at a table with others with whom one is unacquainted
round table conference
desktop computer
billiards table
active desktop
desk lamp
dining room for young schoolchildren unable to go home for lunch
to flip a table over (in a fit of anger) / (at a restaurant) to turn over a table (i.e. to complete a cycle from the seating of one group of diners until the arrival of another group at the same table)
conference table
desktop computer
chairs and tables / household furniture
erhua variant of 桌面
on the table / fig. everything open and above board
menhir / prehistoric stone table
to crawl under a table (e.g. as a penalty for losing in a card game)
revolving tray on a dining table / lazy Susan
table turnover rate (in a restaurant)
table salt
three-drawer desk (traditional Chinese piece of furniture)
charity performance (theater in former times)

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