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tavern / guest house / inn / hotel
stack (computing) / storehouse / warehouse
  *栈* | 栈* | *栈
a wooden or bamboo pen for sheep or cattle / wood or bamboo trestlework / a warehouse
plank walkway constructed on the face of a cliff / (archaic) elevated passageway connecting the upper levels of adjacent towers
a pier / a landing-stage / a loading trestle for goods or passengers / a platform
stack top (computing)
(computing) to push (a value) onto a stack
stack address (computing)
inn / caravansary
cargo receipt / landing account / warehouse or storage receipt / CL: 張|张
ancient vehicle made of wood and bamboo / CL: 輛|辆
stack memory (computing)
to be reluctant to give up a post
lit. repair the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河 at Chencang (idiom, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 in 206 BC against Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽 of Chu) / fig. to feign one thing while doing another / to cheat under cover of a diversion
warehouse / storehouse / inn
bonded warehouse
plank road built along the side of a cliff / CL: 條|条
wholesale grain store
an incompetent man clings to a good position (idiom)
commercial warehouse
sentimental attachment to a person or place
sheep or goat pen
warehouse rent / cost of storage
to make a rest stop at a hotel / to put sth into storage
lit. the old horse loves his stable / fig. sb old but reluctant to relinquish their post (idiom)
a plank road (built on trestles across the face of a cliff)
jetty / pier
storage depot on a transportation route
open-air repository / open-air depot
bonding fee
the Qinling plank road to Shu, a historical mountain road from Shaanxi to Sichuan
pile trestle
to have a long and hard journey (idiom)

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