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  *旷* | 旷* | *旷
to neglect / to skip (class or work) / to waste (time) / vast / loose-fitting
to play truant / to cut classes
incomparable / none to compare with at that time
lit. heart untroubled, spirit pleased (idiom); carefree and relaxed
spacious and empty / void
to skip work / absence without leave
broad-minded / accepting / philosophical (about things)
high and wide
since the dawn of time / from the year dot
open space / open field
open and vast
unrivalled / without peer in this generation
to leave uncultivated for a long time / by extension, to neglect one's work / to remain single
bachelor / unmarried man
to fail to show up for work
never before in the whole of history (idiom) / unprecedented
vast / extensive
expansive / level and broad / broad-minded
never before in the whole of history (idiom) / unprecedented / also written 曠古未有|旷古未有
to neglect (work) / to waste (one's talents)
to waste / to squander
time-lapse photography
remote and vast
protracted (idiom) / long and drawn-out

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