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early morning / CL: 個|个
sooner or later
at the earliest possible time / as soon as possible
  *早* | 早* | *早
early / morning / Good morning! / long ago / prematurely
breakfast / CL: , 頓|顿,
already at an earlier time
early period / early phase / early stage
morning newspaper
early years / adolescence
morning and evening / sooner or later
long ago / for a long time
early education (abbr. for 早期教育)
Good morning!
soon / shortly / on a day quite soon / promptly
as early as
early morning / CL: 個|个
a bit earlier
premature ejaculation
as early as possible
If I had known earlier...
as soon as possible / at the first opportunity / the sooner the better / before it's too late
early in the morning / at dawn
premature birth / premature labor
to age prematurely / premature senescence
Good morning!
early shift / morning work shift
premature / untimely
breakfast / CL: , 頓|顿, ,
ahead of schedule / sooner than planned / to bring forward (to an earlier time)
at dawn / at first light / first thing in the morning
puppy love
(medicine) premature beat / extrasystole
to die an untimely death (idiom) / to be cut off in one's prime
morning exercises (physical exercises commonly performed en masse at schools and workplaces in East Asian countries)
early spring
early demise / untimely death
morning show (at theater) / matinee
Get well soon! / to recover health quickly
precocious / early-maturing
give birth to a son soon (propitiatory compliment to the newly-weds)
first thing in the morning / at daybreak
a long time ago
early to bed, early to rise / to keep early hours
morning tea
previously / before
to leave early and return late (idiom)
from morning till night / from dawn to dusk / all day long
to be industrious, rising early and going to bed late
at dawn / early in the morning
morning market
a little early
to give sb a wake-up call (at a hotel)
Waseda University (private university in Tokyo)
early season rice / rice at transplanting or still unripe
early autumn
matins / morning service (in the Catholic Church) / morning chorus (of birds)
to leave early (before the stipulated finishing time) / to retire early (from one's job)
South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)
premature death
to marry too early
foresight / foreknowledge / if one had known earlier,...
a little earlier
premature / too soon
early in the morning
as soon as possible / at the first opportunity / the sooner the better / before it's too late
early in the morning
if you live a life of crime, sooner or later you'll pay for it
early years / adolescence
if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom) / to regret vainly one's past behavior
arriving early can't beat coming at the right time / perfect timing
early frost
erhua variant of 一大早
morning erection
(Tw) old times / former times
early effect
now / at this time / this late
to get up early
erhua variant of 趁早
as soon as possible / as early as one can
to plant early / to sow seeds in early spring / early sowing
preschool group for kids aged three or less / (Tw) work shift starting around daybreak
tomorrow morning / tomorrow
as soon as possible
morning bus / early train
The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)
erhua variant of 早班
lit. the ugly daughter-in-law must sooner or later meet her parents-in-law (idiom) / fig. it's not something you can avoid forever
to come early / already / early
early demise / untimely death
to end one's suffering by dying quickly and being reincarnated / (fig.) to get it over with
(coll.) Alzheimer's disease
earlier / long ago / as soon as possible
(Tw) traditional style / old-fashioned feel / flavor of yesteryear
to die young / Taiwan pr. [zao3 yao3]

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