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to be defeated / to lose / to fail (e.g. experiments) / failure / defeat / CL:
corruption / to corrupt / to rot / rotten
to ruin / to corrupt / to undermine
to defeat / to overpower / to beat / to be defeated
  *败* | 败* | *败
to defeat / to damage / to lose (to an opponent) / to fail / to wither
success or failure
to defeat / to beat
spendthrift / wastrel / prodigal
consecutive defeats / to lose several times in a row
to lose one's standing / to have one's reputation swept away / a complete defeat and fall from grace
flustered and exasperated / utterly discomfited
to decline / to wane / to decay / to deteriorate
invincible position
failed and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly / a crushing defeat / beaten and in a hopeless position
to defeat / to crush (in battle) / beaten / ruined / destroyed / in decline
to lose a war
to suffer a crushing defeat
to thwart / to foil (sb's plans) / a setback / a failure / a defeat
to oppose corruption / anti-graft (measures, policy etc)
to squander one's fortune / to dissipate one's wealth
(literary) to be routed (in a war) / to suffer defeat (in sports etc)
lost game / losing battle
utterly defeated / routed / crushed / to collapse (of army)
to suffer a defeat / to fail / to fall behind
lose a lawsuit
scum of a community / degenerate
to retreat again and again in defeat / to suffer defeat after defeat
to defeat / to inflict a defeat on sb
Failure is the mother of success.
victory or defeat / result
to fail within sight of success (idiom); last-minute failure / to fall at the last hurdle / snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
to decay / to decline / to become corrupt
to succeed through failure / to achieve one's final aim despite apparent setback
to retreat in defeat
(of a plot etc) to fall through and stand exposed
a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting / a faulty expression in writing
no arrogance in victory, no despair in defeat
utter failure
win or lose, it all ends here / this is the moment to shine
(TCM) to relieve inflamation and internal heat / to detoxify
to turn defeat into victory (idiom); to turn the tide
both sides suffer (idiom) / neither side wins
gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)
to suffer defeat in every battle (idiom)
to fail at every step of the way (idiom)
lost battle / defeat
to be defeated on the battlefield / to be beaten in a contest
Dugu Qiubai, a fictional character appearing in 金庸 novels
lit. raised up by Xiao He, cast down by Xiao He (idiom), alluding to Han Xin 韓信|韩信 being made Grand General 大將軍|大将军 / fig. a situation where one's success and failure are both due to the same factor
honorable even in defeat (idiom)
to run away (in defeat)
dilapidated / in ruins
to be utterly defeated / to be routed
to be defeated and dispersed
to keep on fighting despite continual setbacks (idiom)
crushed / utterly defeated
vice / immorality / moral turpitude
evil conduct
offending public morals (idiom)
ruined / broken down / shabby
to turn defeat into victory (idiom); snatching victory from the jaws of defeat
lit. success and failure, the gains and losses (idiom) / fig. to weigh up various factors
ruined army, defeated general (idiom); scattered remnants
The army is completely routed. (idiom)
to collapse (of building)
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman
(of status or wealth) to decline / (of buildings etc) to become dilapidated / run-down / (of plants) to wilt
relieve inflammation or internal heat
(milk) to turn sour / (meat, fish) to go off
to not be able to distinguish who's winning
unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything (idiom) / unable to do anything right / never make, but always mar
the crime of corruption
lit. an arrogant army is bound to lose (idiom) / fig. pride goes before a fall
troops in defeat like a landslide (idiom); a beaten army in total collapse
to lose a war / fig. the loser (in a competition or election)
to wither and fall
to judge people based on their success or failure (idiom)
pride goes before a fall (idiom)
spoil one's appetite
succeed or fail, sharp or blunt (idiom); advantages and disadvantages / success and failure / You win some, you lose some.
return of the prodigal son
broken flower, withered willow (idiom); fig. fallen woman
to sit and await success or failure (idiom); to wait to see the outcome of a fight before taking sides / to sit on the fence
lit. called a king if successful, called a bandit if defeated (idiom) / fig. losers are always in the wrong
gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)
the winners become princes and marquises; the losers are vilified as bandits (idiom) / history is written by the victors
to ruin / corrupt
defeated / routed / crushed

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