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  *捷* | 捷* | *捷
variant of / quick / nimble
  *捷* | 捷* | *捷
Czech / Czech Republic / abbr. for 捷克
  *捷* | 捷* | *捷
victory / triumph / quick / nimble / prompt
quick / fast / nimble / agile / (computer) shortcut
convenient and fast
(computer) shortcut key / hotkey
Porsche (car company)
Czech / Czech Republic (from 1993) / Czechia
nimble / quick / shrewd
(computer) shortcut
Jetta (car produced by Volkswagen)
fast and nimble
report of success / report of a victory
rapid transit / subway
Czech (language)
quick-witted / agile of mind
Czech Republic
Czech language
to win / to be victorious / to report a victory
Agilent Technologies (research and manufacturing company)
the quick-footed climb up first (idiom) / the early bird catches the worm / first come, first served
victory reports pour in (idiom); news of success in an endless stream
to facilitate / expedite / make convenient and fast / speed up
Dzerzhinsk, Russian city
Yekaterinburg (Russian city, also known as Ekaterinburg or Sverdlovsk)
Yekaterina or Ekaterina (name) / Catherine the Great or Catherine the Second (1684-1727), Empress of Russia
light on one's feet / nimble / agile
vigorous and nimble / athletic
readily / in short order
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834-1907), Russian chemist who introduced the periodic table
Taipei Metro
victory of Pingxingguan pass, famous victory of Republican Chinese forces over the Japanese in Sep 1937
report a success / announce a victory
Czech person
Giant Manufacturing, Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer
Termez city in southeast Uzbekistan
lit. Mt Zhongnan is a shortcut to a ministerial job (idiom); fig. to take a shortcut to promotion
mass rapid transit MRT
Hash House Harriers (international running club)
Jaguar (car brand)
Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev (1857-1927), Russian neurologist and psychiatrist
Jett8 Airlines Cargo (based in Singapore)
Stepan or Stefan (name)
Republic of Czechoslovakia (1918-1992)

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