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game / CL: 場|场 / to play
drama / play / theater
  *戏* | 戏* | *戏
variant of 戲|戏
  *戏* | 戏* | *戏
trick / drama / play / show / CL: 齣|出, 場|场, 臺|台
to take liberties with a woman / to dally / to assail a woman with obscenities
video game / game machine
Chinese opera
(neologism c. 2017) melodramatic person / drama queen
(coll.) promising / likely to turn out well
Game of Thrones (TV series)
Huangmei opera (local opera of Anhui)
to watch a play / to watch passively (i.e. from the sidelines, from the crowd)
large-scale Chinese opera / Beijing opera / major dramatic production (movie, TV series etc)
to shoot a movie
to put on a play / to perform / fig. to pretend / to feign
gamepad (Tw)
computer and video games
role-playing game (RPG)
magic trick
to play tricks on / to make fun of / to tease
Central Academy of Drama
Shanghai Theatrical Institute
to frolic / to romp
to accept an acting role
sex scene (in a movie etc)
glove puppetry
scene (in a movie etc) / one's part in a movie or play / (archaic) actor's payment
local Chinese opera, such as Shaoxing opera 越劇|越剧, Sichuan opera 川劇|川剧, Henan opera 豫劇|豫剧 etc
(dialect) veteran actor / old trouper
(coll.) not a chance / no way / hopeless
(of an actor) to inhabit one's role / to become the character / (of an audience) to get involved in the drama
dramatist / playwright
acrobatics / jugglery / cheap trick / game
to amuse oneself / to play with / to tease
to act in a play / to put on a play
opera highlights performed as independent pieces
(derog.) opera singer / actor
opera (or role) involving much singing and action / (fig.) highlight / main feature / major activity
three women are enough for a drama (idiom)
opera form popular along Changjiang
(of an actor) to disengage from the performance (e.g. after the show ends) / (of an audience) to lose interest in the performance
dramatic form consisting of historical narration / history as jocular narrative / to stretch history for a joking story / amusing story with strained interpretations of history / to make an unreasonable comparison in jest
to jokingly call / jocular appellation
a network computer game
to perform in opera
shadow play
to banter / to crack jokes / to ridicule
theory of free play (in Kant's philosophy)
hat trick (when one player scores three goals)
item (on a program)
lit. find a stage, put on a comedy (idiom); to join in the fun / to play along according to local conditions
psychological drama
monodrama / one-man show / comic talk
gaming device / controller (for computer or console)
child's play / trifling matter
local Chinese opera, such as Shaoxing opera 越劇|越剧, Sichuan opera 川劇|川剧, Henan opera 豫劇|豫剧 etc
cat and mouse game
to attend an opera / to see an opera
to perform conjuring tricks / to conjure / to juggle
monkey show
theatrical performance (e.g. on religious festival)
Gaojia opera of Fujian and Taiwan
(theater etc) ticket
opera for popular in Sichuan and Yunnan
the best part of the show is yet to come / (with ironic tone) the worst is yet to come / you ain't seen nothin' yet
a card game
the role an actor plays best (idiom) / (fig.) one's specialty / one's forte
paddling pool / wading pool
to put on a rival show (idiom); to set oneself up against sb / to get into confrontation
joking matter / to go back on one's words
glove puppet / CL:
the best part (of a play etc)
puppet show
nude scene (in a movie)
acrobatics / entertainment at folk festival
to start an opera
Anhui local opera
type of opera from Taiwan and Fujian
model theater (operas and ballets produced during the Cultural Revolution)
puppet show
jigsaw puzzle / wood block puzzle
lit. mandarin ducks playing in the water / fig. to make love
Shandong opera
Beijing opera / CL: 齣|出
last item on a program (theater)
a parody / to parody
sinister plot / dirty trick / cheap trick
sex scene (in a movie etc)

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