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  *恨* | 恨* | *恨
to hate / to regret
remorse / repentance
to hate / hatred / enmity / hostility
to detest / hatred
wishing one could do sth / to hate to be unable / itching to do sth
to feel hatred / to harbor a grudge
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.
to resent / to harbor a grudge against / to loathe / resentment / rancor
to bear grudges
to hate sb to the bone (idiom)
to hate / hatred / to resent / embittered
hate (due to envy etc)
to harbor hard feelings
rancor / hatred / bitterness / resentfulness
lit. to hate iron for not becoming steel / to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)
to hate and resent / angry and full of grievances
to take revenge and wipe out a grudge (idiom)
to detest / to loathe / to abhor
eternal regret
variant of 憤恨|愤恨
to feel a mixture of love and hate
to hate out of jealousy / to resent
hatred caused by love (idiom) / to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person
to despise
a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow (idiom)
to nurse a grievance / to harbor a grudge
to hate / to detest
mixture of love and hate
to hate / to abhor
to give vent to anger
extreme hatred / animosity / spite
to feel remorse and shame (idiom)
to have a gnawing regret
a matter for regret or resentment
to hate bitterly
hate crime
ashamed and sorry / suffering shame and remorse
provoking / exasperating
new worries added to old hatred (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new
old worries with new hatred added (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new
to have eternal regrets (idiom)
eternal regret
to harbor a grudge with deep-seated hatred (idiom)
to have a gnawing regret
sea of hatred is hard to fill (idiom); irreconcilable division
hate crime
It is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner
resentful / hateful
to be green with envy (neologism c. 2009)
old hatred

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