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younger brother / CL: 個|个,
brothers / younger brother / CL: 個|个 / I, me (humble term used by men in public speech) / brotherly / fraternal
apprentice / disciple
little brother / I, your little brother (humble)
  *弟* | 弟* | *弟
younger brother / junior male / I (modest word in letter)
  *弟* | 弟* | *弟
variant of
junior or younger male schoolmate
brothers and sisters / siblings
disciple / follower
child / the younger generation
love between an older woman and a younger man
younger male cousin via female line
(affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy / old pal
fellow apprentices / fellow students (male)
young disciple (of the same master) / younger or junior male schoolmate
Warner Brothers
hedonistic son of rich parents
brothers / comrades / men / brethren
last disciple of a master
brothers / comrade
(of a lazy or incompetent teacher) to hamper students' progress / (of media) to propagate errors / to lead people astray
younger male patrilineal cousin
father's brother's sons / paternal male cousin
lit. hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother (idiom) / fig. one is just as bad as the other
brothers in hardship (idiom) / fellow sufferers / in the same boat
all men are brothers
younger sibling / younger brother's wife
younger brother's wife / sister-in-law
honorable little brother
worthy little brother
(coll.) (neologism c. 2017, a play on 伏地魔) woman who devotes herself to supporting her little brother (assisting him with his studies, giving money to help him buy a house etc)
my younger brother (humble term)
emperor's young brother
internecine strife (idiom); fighting among oneself
Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky 陀思妥耶夫斯基
twin brothers
even with your own brother, keep clear accounts (idiom)
younger brother
younger brother's wife / sister-in-law
(honorific written address to younger man) My dear young friend
dandy / fop / lounge lizard
Chinese opera performers
variant of 愷悌|恺悌
internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)
wife's younger brother
younger fellow student
(polite) my younger brother
wife of younger male cousin via female line
caddie (golf)
younger brother
wife of younger male cousin via female line / younger cousins via female line
wife of younger male cousin via male line
wife of younger male cousin via male line / younger cousins via male line
male cousins via female line
sworn brothers
husband of wife's younger sister
junior partner in sworn brotherhood
child of a Manchu bannerman family (nobility) / (fig.) privileged brat
little brother / little boy / (coll.) penis
descended from an old family
sworn brother
Lehman Brothers, investment bank

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