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a few / several / how many
  *几* | 几* | *几
  *几* | 几* | *几
how much / how many / several / a few
what time? / when?
a few years / several years / how many years
almost / nearly / practically
several days
several / quite a few
geometry / (literary) how much
in recent years
several times
somewhat / a bit
probability / odds
hardly / seems not
more than ten / a dozen or more
the past few days
how old are you? (familiar, or to a child)
a few days before
Papua New Guinea
what time? / when?
to go through numerous (setbacks, revisions etc)
for the past several years
New Guinea
several thousand
several years
several times (bigger) / double, treble, quadruple etc
the last few years / last several years / recent years
Jimmy Liao (1958-), pen name of 廖福彬, Taiwanese illustrator and picture book writer
analytic geometry / coordinate geometry
solid geometry
(dialect) how much / how many / how (smart etc) / such ...
which day of the week
to be on the brink of / to be on the verge of
Equatorial Guinea
almost entirely / almost completely
several kinds
just a very few (idiom); tiny number / not many at all / You count them on your fingers.
plane geometry
(literary) how many / quite a few
just a while before / not so long ago / everyone can remember when..
there is not much left
very little / hardly any
lit. see a tiny bit and understand everything (idiom)
Euclid of Alexandria (c. 300 BC), Greek geometer and author Elements 幾何原本|几何原本
for the past few days
deep and detailed investigation (idiom)
geometric mean
soon / before long
algebraic geometry
differential geometry
descriptive geometry (three-dimensional geometry using projections and elevations)
non-Euclidean geometry
geometric optics
geometric quantity
lit. twice then three times (idiom); fig. repeatedly / over and over again
Euclid's Elements
Euclid of Alexandria (c. 300 BC), Greek geometer and author of Elements 幾何原本|几何原本
geometric series
(coll.) (I, you etc) have what status / who am I (you etc)
analytic geometry / coordinate geometry
similar / almost / if only / maybe
ten months or so / about ten months
non-Euclidean geometry
kiwi (bird) (loanword)
Gulf of Guinea
to admonish tactfully
fractal geometry
more than a hundred
long narrow table
Euclidean geometry
exponential increase
(dialect) extremely
(math.) Riemannian geometry
to seem almost genuine / easily mistaken for the real thing
(math.) geometric topology
differential geometry
algebraic geometry
hyperbolic geometry
table / long table
almost / nearly going to
Riemannian geometry
projective geometry / same as 射影幾何|射影几何
projective geometry
Papua New Guinea (esp. Taiwan usage)
New Guinea / Papua-New Guinea
fractal geometry
projective geometry
spherical geometry
intrinsic geometry
Euclidean geometry
hyperbolic geometry / Lobachevskian geometry
(math.) geometric topology
tiny / infinitesimal
intrinsic geometry

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