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hat / cap / (fig.) label / bad name / CL: 頂|顶
  *帽* | 帽* | *帽
old variant of
  *帽* | 帽* | *帽
hat / cap
Little Red Riding Hood
hooded sweatshirt / hoodie
block (basketball)
straw hat
peaked cap
Western-style man's hat
lit. to take off a hat / fig. to be cleared of an unfair charge / rehabilitation
green hat (figuratively, a symbol of being a cuckold)
nut (female component of nut and bolt)
hat trick (when one player scores three goals)
beret (loanword)
to wear a hat / (fig.) to stigmatize / to be branded as
shower cap / CL: 頂|顶
black hat (worn by feudal official) / fig. official post
fool / idiot / foolish / stupid
the cap of a pen, pencil, or writing brush
to have been cheated on by one's partner (formerly meant "to be a cuckold", i.e. applied to men only)
gauze hat / (fig.) job as an official
(coll.) to be the object of flattery / to be placed on a pedestal
nut (female component of nut and bolt)
peaked cap / service cap / visor cap
hexagonal nut
variant of 帽檐
swimming cap
(dialect) country bumpkin / a hick
Chinese skullcap resembling the skin of half a watermelon
see 方帽
lit. to take off a hat / fig. to be cleared of an unfair charge / rehabilitation
safety helmet / CL: 隻|只, 頂|顶
hillbilly / yokel / redneck / bumpkin
brim (of a hat)
mortarboard / square academic cap
Mt Maotian in Chengjiang county 澄江縣|澄江县, Yuxi, east Yunnan
erhua variant of 傻帽
to block a shot (basketball) / (dialect) excellent / fantastic
lit. to lose one's black hat / to be sacked from an official post
bearskin hat
to regard decapitation as no more important than the wind blowing off your hat (idiom)
square headed nut
(zoology) Portuguese man o' war (Physalia physalis)
the ribbon around a cap
capuchin monkey / genus Cebidae
to tag sb with unfair label / power word
tall conical paper hat worn as a public humiliation / dunce cap / (fig.) flattery

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