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invitation card / written invitation
card / invitation / message / (forum) post
  *帖* | 帖* | *帖
fitting snugly / appropriate / suitable / variant of 貼|贴 / to paste / to obey
  *帖* | 帖* | *帖
invitation card / notice
  *帖* | 帖* | *帖
rubbing from incised inscription
hot thread (in an Internet forum)
to post (an item on a forum)
to reply to an invitation / (Internet) to post a comment on a forum topic
to delete a forum post
piece of paper with short note / short letter
copybook (for calligraphy)
a rubbing from a stone inscription
wedding invitation
to practice calligraphy from a model
docile / obedient / appropriate / fitting / at ease / comfortable
bowed head and ears glued (idiom); docile and obedient / at sb's beck and call
Esther (name)
to announce good news in red letters
a letter
properly / satisfactorily / firmly / very fitting / appropriate / proper / to be in good order / also written 妥貼|妥贴
First epistle of St Paul to the Thessalonians
submissive / docile / obedient
Book of Esther
Timur or Tamerlane (1336-1405), Mongol emperor and conqueror
name card / business card
Second epistle of St Paul to the Thessalonians
memorandum / note (i.e. written statement)
to exchange cards containing personal details (when taking an oath of fraternity)
docile / obedient
letter of thanks
tonic / healthy concoction / (fig.) just what the doctor ordered / (Tw) pirated software
memorial to the emperor (folded in accordion form)
a letter
piece of paper with short note / short letter
Timur or Tamerlane (1336-1405), Mongol emperor and conqueror
poison pen letter / anonymous notice (usually to threaten or attack sb)

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