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spectacular / magnificent sight
magnificence / magnificent / majestic / glorious
in the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one's side / to have the courage of one's convictions / just and forceful
brave / heroic
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South Central China, on the border with Vietnam, abbr. , capital Nanning 南寧|南宁 / until 1959, Guangxi province
Zhuang ethnic group of Guangxi, the PRC's second most numerous ethnic group
magnificent feat / impressive feat / heroic undertaking / heroic attempt
to expand / to strengthen
(TCM) to build up one's kidney yang / to boost male sex drive
  *壮* | 壮* | *壮
Zhuang ethnic group of Guangxi, the PRC's second most numerous ethnic group
  *壮* | 壮* | *壮
to strengthen / strong / robust
strong / sturdy / robust
surging forward with great momentum / unfolding on a magnificent scale
robust / healthy / sturdy
grand / majestic / vast
thick and solid
healthy and strong / sturdy / thriving / vigorous / robust / flourishing
robust / sturdy
majestic / awesome / full of power and grandeur
bold, visionary words
old but vigorous (idiom); hale and hearty despite the years
hero / fighter / brave strong guy / warrior (in armor)
lofty ideals / noble aspirations
able-bodied man (capable of fighting in a war)
great goal / magnificent aspiration
if you are lazy in your prime, you'll be sorry in your old age
stout and strong
Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture in Yunnan 雲南|云南
sturdy / thick and strong
lit. robust years / prime of life / summer / able-bodied (fit for military service) / mature (talent, garden etc)
solemn and stirring / moving and tragic
strong and vigorous / sturdy / robust
to get one’s courage up / to embolden
lit. strong soldiers and sturdy horses (idiom) / fig. a well-trained and powerful army
Zhuang language / language of the Zhuang ethnic group 壯族|壮族 of Guangxi
magnificent talk / exaggeration
magnificent / inspiring
(of a livestock animal) plump and strong / well-fed
Lianshan Zhuang and Yao autonomous county in Qingyuan 清遠|清远, Guangdong
young guard / young and vigorous group with new ideas / new wave
young and vigorous (idiom)
to proceed with sth even though scared / to put on a brave face
lit. people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up (for the slaughter) / fig. fame has its price
Zhuangwei or Chuangwei township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
chlormequat chloride / cycocel
Zhuangwei or Chuangwei township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan
tall and husky / hefty
magnificent / heroic
to support the family business (idiom)
the prime of one's life

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