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environment / circumstances / surroundings / CL: 個|个 / ambient
boundary / state / realm
frontier / border
situation (of a person)
environmental protection
situation / context / setting / environment
  *境* | 境* | *境
border / place / condition / boundary / circumstances / territory
environmental impact
artistic mood or conception / creative concept
within the borders / internal (to a country, province, city etc) / domestic
to enter a country
development environment (computer)
to leave a country or region / outbound (tourism)
network environment
fairyland / wonderland / paradise
environmental sanitation / abbr. to 環衛|环卫
milieu / social environment
predicament / plight
environmental temperature
limit / boundary / end
family financial situation / family circumstances
(PRC) Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)
environmental pollution
desperate straits
(idiom) to experience it for oneself / to actually *be* there (as opposed to reading about it etc)
land of fantasy / fairyland
habitat / living environment
operating environment
to pass through a country's territory / transit
environmental factor
operating environment
within and without the borders / domestic and foreign / home and abroad
no end to learning (idiom); There's always something new to study. / You live and learn.
things change with the passage of time (idiom)
without end / never-ending
outside (a country's) borders
adversity / predicament
border area
mood / mental state / frame of mind
border clash
environmental impact assessment EIA / abbr. to 環評|环评
design of a learning environment for young children, incorporating artwork designed to appeal to them / abbr. to 環創|环创
awkward situation / predicament
national border / frontier
virtual environment
environmental damage
economic difficulty
critical circumstances / risky conditions / danger zone
entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
entering and leaving a country
distributed environment (computing)
favorable circumstances
desperate straits / impossible situation
dangerous situation / venerable old age
The issue is in the past, and the situation has changed (idiom). / It is water under the bridge.
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Exit and Entry Administration Bureau (PRC)
entry visa
to deport / to expel
environmentalism / environmental activism
the most pleasant or enjoyable stage
augmented reality (computing)
network environment
ethical dilemma
transit visa
to cross a border (usually illegally) / to sneak in or out of a country
virtual reality (Tw)
Alice in Wonderland
operating environment
customs border
to reach the pinnacle (of artistic skill)
to travel to a place personally (idiom)
PRC State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)
Penglai, island of immortals / fairyland
situational model
grievance / dire straits
wretched situation
all the borders
client-server environment
to deport
our mindset frames how we view the world
difficult situation
advanced years / old age
When you enter a country, enquire about the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do / When in Rome, do as the Romans do
local context
When you enter a country, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do / When in Rome, do as the Romans do
global context
context dependency
customs border
duplicate context
composite context

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