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salesperson / CL: 個|个
to sell / to market / sales (representative, agreement etc)
  *售* | 售* | *售
to sell / to make or carry out (a plan or intrigue etc)
after-sales service
to sell / to offer for sale / to put on the market
to retail / to sell individually or in small quantities
advance sale / to sell in advance / to book
sale on consignment
sales figure / total income from sales / turnover
selling price
to sell
shop / retail store
to sell goods
to sell
ticket office
to be completely sold out / to sell out
retailer / shopkeeper / retail merchant
to sell out
to ration merchandise (esp. food in times of shortages)
vending machine
recommended retail price (RRP)
to manufacture and sell
ticket seller
to dump (selling abroad more cheaply than cost price at home)
to sell
point of sale (POS) / checkout / retail outlet
to sell by tender
self-service ticketing / automated ticketing
to hawk / to peddle
(of a farmer) to sell one's produce to the state as stipulated by government policy
ticket office
arms sales
to sell at a loss
ticket window
to sell wholesale
while stocks last / subject to availability
point of sale
vendor's stall
bus crew / driver and conductor
to set up stall
point of sale system

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