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influence / effect / to influence / to affect (usually adversely) / to disturb / CL:
  *响* | 响* | *响
echo / sound / noise / to make a sound / to sound / to ring / loud / classifier for noises
to respond to / answer / CL: 個|个
influence / impact
sound / acoustics / audio / hi-fi system / stereo sound system / abbr. for 組合音響|组合音响
repercussions / reaction / echo
environmental impact
to start shooting or firing / to win an initial success / to succeed (of a plan)
symphony, symphonic
loud and clear / resounding
sound / noise
to sound a bell / to raise the alarm
Xiangshui county in Yancheng 鹽城|盐城, Jiangsu
variant of 迴響|回响
to echo / to reverberate / to respond / echo / response / reaction
response time
symphony orchestra
sound equipment / stereo
loud sound
evil influence
to resound / to resonate
stereo system
half the day / a long time / quite a while
huge influence
resounding / loud / well known / famous
lit. not a common chord (idiom); outstanding / brilliant / out of the common run
hi-fi system / stereo sound system / abbr. to 音響|音响
Xiangshui county in Yancheng 鹽城|盐城, Jiangsu
to tinkle / to jingle / to clank
sound effects
ordinary tones / everyday harmony / common chord
wide ranging influence
to resound (all over the place)
to win instant success (idiom) / to start off successfully
wordless and silent (idiom); without speaking / taciturn
to gain fame and success
sound of gunfire / fig. news of momentous events
reach of influence / affected area
out of the ordinary
(onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb) / fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute / it takes two to tango / it's difficult to achieve anything without support
unaffected / not inconvenienced
environmental impact assessment EIA / abbr. to 環評|环评
to keep totally silent / noiselessly
to be thundering / thunder clap / CL: 個|个
to bump one's head / to kowtow with head-banging on the ground
trembling sound / vibration
castanets (music)
symphony orchestra
(onom.) toot / honk / beeping / tooting noise
impact / effect
percussion instrument
to keep silent
to become well-known
an earth-shaking noise (idiom)
symphonic metal (pop music) / heavy metal with symphonic pretensions
lit. a following echo / fig. to continue (a tradition)
pocket stereo / walkman
reverberates around the rafters (idiom); fig. sonorous and resounding (esp. of singing voice)
lit. if you tap a half-empty bottle it makes a sound (idiom) / fig. empty vessels make the most noise / one who has a little knowledge likes to show off, but one who is truly knowledgeable is modest
(of a horse etc) to snort
(bird species of China) yellow-rumped honeyguide (Indicator xanthonotus)

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