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  *吹* | 吹* | *吹
to blow / to play a wind instrument / to blast / to puff / to boast / to brag / to end in failure / to fall through
to talk big / to shoot off one's mouth / to chat (dialect)
hair dryer
hair dryer
to agitate for / to enthusiastically promote
to disperse
lit. windswept and battered by rain / to undergo hardship (idiom)
to play the xiao 簫|箫 (mouth organ) / to beg while playing pipes; cf politician Wu Zixu 伍子胥, c. 520 BC destitute refugee in Wu town, 吳市吹簫|吴市吹箫 / to busk / virtuoso piper wins a beauty, cf 玉人吹簫|玉人吹箫 / (slang) fellatio / blowjob
to blow air (into)
to blow a whistle / to whistle
to brush / to caress (of breeze) / to praise
to blow-dry
shampoo, haircut and blow-dry
to flatter / to laud sb's accomplishments / adulation
(of a musical instrument) blow hole
storm struck / to attack (of wind)
leaf blower (machine)
to blow away dust
to whistle
to play (wind instruments)
to blow cold / damping expectations by discouraging or realistic words
to blow up / to inflate
as easy as blowing off dust / effortless / with ease
as easy as pie
failed / busted / to have not succeeded / to have died / to have parted company / to have chilled (of a relationship)
oral inflation
lit. to blow apart the hairs upon a fur to discover any defect (idiom); fig. to be fastidious / nitpick
(old) musicians at a wedding cortege or funeral procession / (fig.) trumpeter of sb's praises / booster
lit. even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass - it grows again when the breeze blows (proverb) / fig. cannot be easily eliminated / abbr. to 野火春風|野火春风
to blow one's own trumpet (idiom)
(the wind) blows violently
to make an exhibition of oneself / ostentation
to get angry / to fume
to blow out (a flame)
woodwind music
to boast wildly
to boast / to shoot one's mouth off
What brings you here? (idiom)
to resort to bragging and flattering
to sway (sb) through pillow talk
to boast and flatter
instant results / lit. blow the husk and see the rice
(coll.) to fall through / to result in failure / (of a relationship) to break up
(lit.) blowing the trumpet / (fig.) to praise sb / (slang) to give a blowjob
to beg while playing the xiao (mouth organ) / cf Wu Zixu 伍子胥, destitute refugee from Chu , busked in Wu town c. 520 BC, then became a powerful politician
to brag
lit. to blow out the lamp and put out the candle (idiom) / fig. to die / to bite the dust / to be over and done with
female ejaculation
to fizzle out / to come to nothing
to resort to bragging and flattering / abbr. for 吹牛拍馬|吹牛拍马
virtuoso piper wins a beauty / the xiao (mouth organ) virtuoso 萧史 won for his wife the beautiful daughter of Duke Mu of Qin 秦穆公
to talk big / to boast
to beg while playing the xiao (mouth organ) / cf Wu Zixu 伍子胥, destitute refugee from Chu , busked in Wu town c. 520 BC, then became a powerful politician
to blow a brass instrument
indiscriminate admiration (idiom)
player of the yu (free reed wind instrument)
to regard decapitation as no more important than the wind blowing off your hat (idiom)
to blow one's own horn (idiom)
oxyacetylene torch
to boast / to talk big
(loanword) interesting

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