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sentence / CL: 個|个
(say) a few words
example sentence
  *句* | 句* | *句
variant of
  *句* | 句* | *句
sentence / clause / phrase / classifier for phrases or lines of verse
sentence pattern (in grammar)
a line of verse / a sentence
in a word / in short
verse / CL:
words and sentences
famous saying / celebrated phrase
Jurong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu
sentence pattern / sentence structure / syntax
full stop / period (punct.)
Jurong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu
question (grammar) / interrogative sentence
in other words
defective sentence / error (of grammar or logic)
exclamation / exclamatory phrase
quatrain (poetic form)
simple sentence (grammar)
compound phrase
declarative sentence
clause (grammar)
conditional clause
pausing at the end of a phrase or sentence (in former times, before punctuation marks were used) / punctuation / periods and commas / sentences and phrases
negative sentence
Goguryeo (37 BC-668 AD), one of the Korean Three Kingdoms
clause (grammar)
rhetorical question
start of phrase or sentence
to pause at appropriate points in reading aloud unpunctuated writing / to punctuate
inversion (rhetoric device of inverting the word order for heightened effect) / anastrophe
words / expressions / writing
musical phrase
to polish a phrase
punctuation of a sentence (in former times, before punctuation marks were used) / period 句號|句号 and comma 逗號|逗号 / sentences and phrases
poetic form consisting of four lines of five syllables, with rhymes on first, second and fourth line
imperative sentence
period (punctuation) / (fig.) endpoint / finish
imperative sentence
to search for the right word (of poet)
weighing every word
to talk shop all the time (idiom)
subject-predicate sentence / subject-predicate clause
syntactic analysis
when views are irreconcilable, it's a waste of breath to continue discussion (idiom)
to speak one minute and be quiet the next
in a few words (idiom); expressed succinctly
to speak honestly (idiom)
incorrect break in reading Chinese, dividing text into clauses at wrong point
number of sentences / number of lines (in verse etc)
discourse / group of sentences with clear meaning / narrative
true negative (TN)
lit. lock the door and search for the right word (idiom); fig. the serious hard work of writing
to measure one's words
one-word sentence
wh-question (linguistics)
object relative clause
syntactic awareness
pre-Han name of Liao River 遼河|辽河
center-embedded relative clauses
active conjoined sentence
false affirmative
true affirmative (TA)
affirmative sentence
literal / word by word and phrase by phrase

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