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hospital / CL: , ,
doctor / CL: 個|个, ,
medical treatment
medicine / medical science / study of medicine
medical insurance
medical care and medicines / medicine (drug) / medical / pharmaceutical
traditional Chinese medical science / a doctor trained in Chinese medicine
  *医* | 医* | *医
medical / medicine / doctor / to cure / to treat
medical equipment
health care
to receive medical treatment
university of medicine
medical insurance / abbr. for 醫療保險|医疗保险
forensic investigator / forensic detective
medical school
medicine (as a science) / medical science
Chinese and Western medicine / a doctor trained in Chinese and Western medicine
health care
doctor-in-charge / resident physician
Guilin Medical University
veterinarian / veterinary surgeon / vet
to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine
medical affairs
traditional Chinese medicine / TCM
doctors and nurses / medic / medical (personnel)
military doctor
to treat (an illness) / medical treatment
famous doctor
surgeon / as opposed to physician 內科醫生|内科医生, who works primarily by administering drugs
medical laboratory technology
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
medical personnel / doctors and nurses
medical science
to practice medicine (esp. in private practice)
medical expert / medical specialist
medical personnel
medical doctor / physician who works primarily by administering drugs, as opposed to surgeon 外科醫生|外科医生
general practitioner
case history (TCM) / case record
reform of the medical system
biomedical engineering
Western medicine / a doctor trained in Western medicine
good doctor / skilled doctor
medical book
medical center
imperial physician
prescription (medicine) / doctor's advice
medical expertise / art of healing
to seek medical treatment / to see a doctor
aesthetic medicine (Tw)
medical ethics
village doctor (Chinese health care system)
doctor of medicine
medical expenses
complementary medicine
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
medical technologist
veterinary medicine / veterinary science
to release for medical treatment (of a prisoner)
Guangdong Medical College
infirmary / sick bay / CL: 個|个
emergency medical care
laboratory medicine
to follow the doctor's advice / as instructed by the physician
Hur Jun (TV series)
art of healing / medical skill
to send or deliver to the hospital
abbr. for 醫科大學|医科大学, university of medicine
hiding a sickness for fear of treatment (idiom); fig. concealing a fault to avoid criticism / to keep one's shortcomings secret / to refuse to listen to advice
complementary medicine
witch doctor / medicine man / shaman
Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
to treat the symptoms / reactive (rather than proactive)
Guiyang Medical University
New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme / abbr. to 新農合|新农合
to be hospitalized
(proverb) a long illness makes the patient into a doctor
clinic / CL:
"drugs serving to nourish doctors", perceived problem in PRC medical practice
to treat the symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem (proverb) / reactive (rather than proactive)
molecular medicine
International Medical Center
lit. to give medicine to a dead horse (idiom) / fig. to keep trying everything in a desperate situation
medical school
quack / charlatan
psychiatric hospital
regenerative medicine
medical treatment at public expense
healer / physician / medical man / doctor (esp. of TCM)
National Health Service (UK)
chemist / druggist / pharmacy
Chinese traditional medicine

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