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to exploit / exploitation
to deprive / to expropriate / to strip (sb of his property)
to peel / to strip / to peel off / to come off (of tissue, skin, covering etc)
to skin / to flay / to excoriate / to peel / to bark at sb / to physically punish sb
  *剥* | 剥* | *剥
to peel / to skin / to shell / to shuck
  *剥* | 剥* | *剥
to peel / to skin / to flay / to shuck
lit. to spin silk from cocoons / fig. to make a painstaking investigation (idiom)
to peel off / to strip off
to corrode / to expose by corrosion (geology)
asset stripping
exploiting class (in Marxist theory)
peeler (e.g. for vegetables)
to peel off
to swallow whole (idiom); fig. to apply uncritically
to exploit / to practice usury
person suffering exploitation / the workers in Marxist theory
wire stripper
(onom.) sound of knocking or bursting
to grab money / to exploit
stripping-to-ore ratio / stripping ratio
(onom.) tap (on a door or window)
mottled and peeling off in places
exploiter (of labor)
affix stripping / to determine the root of a word by removing prefix and suffix

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