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  *凡* | 凡* | *凡
ordinary / commonplace / mundane / temporal / of the material world (as opposed to supernatural or immortal levels) / every / all / whatever / altogether / gist / outline / note of Chinese musical scale
  *凡* | 凡* | *凡
variant of
out of the ordinary / unusually (good, talented etc)
commonplace / ordinary / mediocre
each and every / every / all / any
out of the ordinary / exceedingly (good)
ordinary person / mortal / earthling
to descend to the world (of immortals)
out of the ordinary / out of the common run
mundane world (in religious context) / this mortal coil
Avatar (movie)
Versailles (near Paris)
marvelous / marvelously
the secular world
every single / as long as
Effendi, wily and fearless hero of Uighur folk tales / smart guy
Ivan (Russian name)
vaseline (loanword)
lit. not a common chord (idiom); outstanding / brilliant / out of the common run
ordinary tones / everyday harmony / common chord
out of the ordinary
notes on the use of a book / guide to the reader
common person / ordinary guy / mortal man
reluctance to leave this world / heart set on the mundane
lay (as opposed to clergy) / ordinary / commonplace
Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Dutch post-Impressionist painter
generally / in general
such things as ... / examples including ... (etc) / without exception / every / any
common people / ordinary folk
to think too much of oneself / self-important / arrogant
ignoramus (idiom)
Jules Verne (1828-1905), French novelist specializing in science fiction and adventure stories, author of Around the World in Eighty Days 八十天环绕地球
Scheveningen, resort in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands
all / everything / the whole
Stephanopoulos (e.g. former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos)
(molecular physics) van der Waals force
ordinary / mediocre
Versace (fashion brand) (Tw)
Firestone (Tire and Rubber Company)
valitin (plain wool fabric) (loanword)
a rough acquaintance with sth
one can't tell how many / numerous similar cases
with little learning

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