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  *兽* | 兽* | *兽
beast / animal / beastly / bestial
World of Warcraft (video game)
rare animal / mythical animal / monster
beast / wild animal
veterinarian / veterinary surgeon / vet
mythological animal
giant creature / huge animal
veterinary medicines
ferocious beast / fierce animal
birds and animals / creature / beast (brutal person)
all creatures / every kind of animal
auspicious animal (such as the dragon)
birds and beasts / fauna
veterinary medicine / veterinary science
birds and animals / the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
(four-footed) animal / beast
animal skin / hide
lit. severe floods and fierce beasts (idiom) / fig. great scourges / extremely dangerous or threatening things
lit. dressed up animal (idiom) / fig. immoral and despicable person
worse than a beast / to behave immorally
Colosseum (Rome)
human face, beast's heart (idiom); two-faced / malicious and duplicitous
brutal act / bestiality
ant-eater (several different species)
a cornered beast will still fight (idiom) / to fight like an animal at bay
tigon or tiglon, hybrid cross between a male tiger and a lioness
liger, hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress
beastly desire
animal training / skill with animals / shoushu - "Animal skill" or "Beast-fist" - Martial Art (esp. fictional)
lit. scatter like birds and beasts (idiom) / fig. to head off in various directions / to flee helter-skelter
male animal
animal den
gargoyle (architecture)
to scatter like birds and beasts
the Baidu 10 mythical creatures (a set of hoax animals and puns linked to PRC Internet censorship)
flora and fauna
theropod (beast-footed dinosaur group) / suborder Theropoda within order Saurischia containing carnivorous dinosaurs
to scatter like birds and beasts (idiom) / to flee in all directions
lit. to lead beasts to eat the people (idiom); fig. tyrannical government oppresses the people
animal training / taming wild beast (e.g. lion-taming)
vermin / harmful animal
beast of burden
suborder Theropoda (beast-footed dinosaur group) within order Saurischia containing carnivorous dinosaurs
rare animals and birds
animal-drawn vehicle / carriage
Shansitherium fuguensis (early giraffe)
to give way to one's beastly lust
veterinary pathology
animal training / taming wild beast (e.g. lion-taming)
fur seal / Callorhinus ursinus Linnaeus

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