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  *二* | 二* | *二
two / 2 / (Beijing dialect) stupid
carbon dioxide CO2
indirectly acquired / second-hand (information, equipment etc) / assistant
second (i.e. number two) / second time / twice / (math.) quadratic (of degree two)
twelve / 12
two-dimensional barcode / QR code
second-hand house / house acquired indirectly through a middle-man
twenty / 20
grade 2 / second class / category B
two-dimensional / the fictional worlds of anime, comics and games
second-hand car
secondary / twice in the year (of generations of insects, harvests etc)
2nd year in junior middle school / 2nd day of a lunar month / 2nd day of lunar New Year
World War II
second round (of a match or election)
binary system (math.)
quadratic function
second class / second-rate
2nd day of the month
the 24 solar terms, calculated from the position of the sun on the ecliptic, that divide the year into 24 equal periods
second round (of match, or election)
unique and unmatched (idiom); unrivalled / nothing compares with it
second order / quadratic (math.)
diode / vacuum tube
children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms in the 1980s / see also 窮二代|穷二代
February / second month (of the lunar year)
second quarter (of financial year)
one half
one or two / a few
second pregnancy
2-in-1 / two-in-one
December / twelfth month (of the lunar year)
duality / dual / bipolar / binary
second part / the equinox
second-year university student
both / both of them / neither
World War Two
20th century
secondly / the other (usu. of two) / the second
second / number two / next / secondary
World War II
objection / differing opinion
the Second (of numbered kings) / second generation (e.g. Chinese Americans)
over 20
second brother
the twelve constellations on the ecliptic plane / the signs of the zodiac
the Japanese Twenty-One Demands of 1915
square (i.e. x times x)
twelve divisions of the day of early Chinese and Babylonian timekeeping and astronomy
(coll.) silly but cute husky (dog)
Erdao district of Changchun city 長春市|长春市, Jilin
glycol / ethylene glycol C2H4(OH)2 (antifreeze)
genre of song-and-dance duet popular in northeast China
erhu (Chinese 2-string fiddle) / alto fiddle / CL:
binary tree
sulfur dioxide SO2
two items / binomial (math.)
21st century
second place
Erlian Basin in Inner Mongolia
in duplicate
2nd rank of candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e. 4th place and up)
light-emitting diode / LED
the Twenty-Four Histories (25 or 26 in modern editions), collection of books on Chinese dynastic history from 3000 BC till 17th century / fig. a long and complicated story
one divides into two / to be two-sided / there are two sides to everything / to see both sb's good points and shortcomings (idiom)
secondary industry
titanium dioxide
(slang) fool / dunce / foolishly cute person
the binomial theorem (math.)
silicon dioxide (SiO2)
second of the five night watch periods 21:00-23:00 (old)
Erdao district of Changchun city 長春市|长春市, Jilin
double / repeated twice
one after another (idiom) / in quick succession
Beijing International Studies University (BISU)
not saying anything further (idiom); not raising any objection / without demur
binary (math.)
Erlianhaote city in Xilin Gol league 錫林郭勒盟|锡林郭勒盟, Inner Mongolia
biceps muscle
to be very clear about sth (idiom)
butadiene C4H6 / biethylene
reckoned to be first or second best (idiom) / one of the very best / to list one by one
erguotou (sorghum liquor)
1992 Consensus, statement issued after 1992 talks between PRC and Taiwan representatives, asserting that there is only one China
the twelve equatorial constellations or signs of the zodiac in Western astronomy and astrology, namely: Aries 白羊, Taurus 金牛, Gemini 雙子|双子, Cancer 巨蟹, Leo 獅子|狮子, Virgo 室女, Libra 天秤, Scorpio 天蠍|天蝎, Sagittarius 人馬|人马, Capricorn 摩羯, Aquarius 寶瓶|宝瓶, Pisces 雙魚|双鱼
16 / sixteen
manganese(iv) oxide
Erqi District of Zhengzhou City 鄭州市|郑州市, Henan
nitrogen dioxide
(old) (in a tavern or inn etc) waiter / attendant

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