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orthodox school / fig. traditional / old school / authentic / genuine
HSK 7-9
authentic / genuine / proper
HSK 7-9
  *凿* | 凿* | *凿
(bound form) chisel / to bore a hole; to chisel; to dig / (literary) certain; authentic; irrefutable / also pr. [zuo4]
HSK 7-9
definite / conclusive / undeniable / authentic / also pr. [que4 zuo4]
HSK 7-9
  *诚* | 诚* | *诚
(bound form) sincere; authentic / (literary) really; truly
authentic / original
authentic tradition / handed-down teachings or techniques
to be valid; to count / authentic
authentic taste / plain cooked / natural flavor (without spices and seasonings)
authentic (painting or calligraphy) / genuine work (of famous artist)
original; authentic
(Tw) (slang) authentic; genuine (from Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [tsiànn-káng])
thoroughgoing / authentic / 100% / to the core
replacement guaranteed if not genuine / fig. authentic
earnest / authentic
(confirm to be) true / authentic
natural; authentic

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