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morning / CL: 個|个
early morning / CL: 個|个
  *朝* | 朝* | *朝
very early in the morning / in the wee hours
early morning
  *早* | 早* | *早
early / morning / Good morning! / long ago / prematurely
tomorrow morning / the following morning
morning sun
first rays of morning sun / first glimmer of dawn
early in the morning / at dawn
  *曦* | 曦* | *曦
(literary) sunlight (usu. in early morning)
  *夙* | 夙* | *夙
morning / early / long-held / long-cherished
morning and evening / sooner or later
  *旦* | 旦* | *旦
dawn / morning / daybreak / day / dan, female roles in Chinese opera (traditionally played by specialized male actors)
Good morning!
morning and night / all the time
morning glory
morning newspaper
morning newspaper / (in a newspaper's name) Morning Post
morning glory (Pharbitis nil)
tomorrow morning / tomorrow
first thing in the morning / at daybreak
this morning
morning stars
(of the) morning
early shift / morning work shift
morning dew / fig. precarious brevity of human life / ephemeral
morning tea
morning market
from morning till night / from dawn to dusk / all day long
morning exercise
(literary) tomorrow (morning)
lit. say three in the morning but four in the evening (idiom); to change sth that is already settled upon / indecisive / to blow hot and cold
morning exercises (physical exercises commonly performed en masse at schools and workplaces in East Asian countries)
morning and night / always / at all times
  *晙* | 晙* | *晙
(literary) early morning / (literary) bright / (used in names)
  *旽* | 旽* | *旽
morning sun, sunrise
  *媊* | 媊* | *媊
planet Venus in the morning
morning dew
morning show (at theater) / matinee
early in the morning
early morning / CL: 個|个 / also pr. [zao3 chen5]
matins / morning service (in the Catholic Church) / morning chorus (of birds)
morning and twilight / day and night
lit. evening drum, morning bell (idiom); fig. Buddhist monastic practice / the passage of time in a disciplined existence
  *晨* | 晨* | *晨
morning / dawn / daybreak
morning bus / early train
lit. morning bell, evening drum, symbolizing monastic practice (idiom); fig. encouragement to study or progress
serve Qin in the morning Chu in the evening (idiom); quick to switch sides
rare as morning stars (idiom) / few and far between / sparse
morning roll call
to have morning sickness during pregnancy / to have a strong appetite for certain foods (during pregnancy)
early morning sunlight
to work from morning to night (idiom)
frosty morning
(dialect) morning / forenoon
lit. heard in the morning and changed by the evening / to correct an error very quickly (idiom)
lit. one morning and one evening (idiom) / fig. in a short period of time / overnight
gyokuro (shaded Japanese green tea) / (old) early-morning autumn dew / fine liquor
morning sickness (during pregnancy)
(dialect) morning
morning / a.m.
the morning sun
white-edged morning glory
water spinach / ong choy / swamp cabbage / water convolvulus / water morning-glory / Ipomoea aquatica (botany)
make your day's plan early in the morning (idiom) / early morning is the golden time of the day
morning / a.m. / first half of the day
part-time work in which one works each day for a half-day, typically a morning or an afternoon
at dawn / at first light / first thing in the morning
early in the morning
at dawn / early in the morning
forenoon / morning / a.m.
human life as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
human life as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
morning / a.m. / first half of the day
Beijing Morning Post, newspaper published 1998-2018
South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)
precarious as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
precarious as morning dew (idiom); unlikely to last out the day
morning call / wake-up call (hotel service)
to depart in the evening and arrive the next morning / overnight (train)
morning sickness during pregnancy / to be pregnant
morning sickness (in pregnancy)
lit. cut sleeve (idiom); fig. euphemism for homosexuality, originating from History of Western Han 漢書|汉书: emperor Han Aidi (real name Liu Xin) was in bed with his lover Dong Xian, and had to attend a court audience that morning. Not wishing to awaken Dong Xian, who was sleeping with his head resting on the emperor's long robe sleeve, Aidi used a knife to cut off the lower half of his sleeve.
Good morning!
morning erection
seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning (ancient filial duty)
morning erection
morning and evening visits to parents / cf 昏定晨省
morning chorus (birdsong)
lit. born in the morning and dying at dusk (idiom) / fig. ephemeral / transient
to correct in the evening a fault of the morning (idiom) / to quickly amend one's ways
morning rain
morning dew, evening mist (idiom); ephemeral / impermanent
the morning dew will swiftly dissipate (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
lit. breakfast in the morning and supper in the evening (idiom) / fig. to do nothing but eat and drink
floating clouds, morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral nature of human existence
the morning dew will swiftly dissipate (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
Pharbitis, genus of herbaceous plants including Morning glory 牽牛|牵牛 (Pharbitis nil)

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