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to be a spokesperson / to be an ambassador (for a brand) / to endorse
ambassador / envoy / CL: ,
to recall (a product, an ambassador etc)
to dispatch (sb) in an official capacity / to be posted (as an ambassador, foreign correspondent etc)
Clark T. Randt Jr. (1945-), US ambassador to Beijing since 2001
person who represents an organization and enhances its image / ambassador
to arrange an interview / an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)
special envoy / special ambassador
Cang Jize or Tseng Chi-tse (1839-1890), pioneer diplomat of late Qing, serve as imperial commissioner (ambassador) to UK, France and Russia
Churkin (name) / Vitaly I. Churkin (1952-), Russian diplomat, Ambassador to UN from 2006
plenipotentiary ambassador
Walter Mondale (1928-), US democratic politician, US vice-president 1977-1981 and ambassador to Japan 1993-1996
goodwill ambassador
to go abroad as ambassador / to be sent on a diplomatic mission
John Leighton Stuart (1876-1962), second-generation American missionary in China, first president of Yenching University and later United States ambassador to China
(Johannes Lodewikus) Viljoen (South African ambassador to Taiwan)
ambassador and consul / diplomat
Jon Huntsman, Jr. (1960-) Governor of Utah from 2005 to 2009, US Ambassador to China since August 2009
James Sasser (1936-), US Ambassador to China 1995-1999
an ambassador of the church / an Apostolic Nuncio (from the Vatican)
Professor Ibrahim Gambari (1944-), Nigerian scholar and diplomat, ambassador to UN 1990-1999, UN envoy to Burma from 2007
Guo Songdao or Kuo Sun-tao (1818-1891), China's first imperial commissioner (ambassador) to UK and France
Sir Edward Youde (1924-1986), British diplomat, ambassador to Beijing 1974-1978, governor of Hong Kong 1982-1986
Leo Karakhan (1889-1937), Soviet ambassador to China 1921-26, executed in Stalin's 1937 purge
Raymond Burghard (1945-), US diplomat and ambassador to Vietnam 2001-2004, chairman of American Institute in Taiwan from 2006

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