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plan / design / to design / to plan / CL: 個|个
to set / to set up / to install / setting / preferences
equipment / facilities / installations / CL: 個|个
  *設* | 設* | *設
to set up / to arrange / to establish / to found / to display
facilities / installation
to build / to construct / construction / constructive
to set up / to install
to have / to incorporate / to feature
to presuppose / to predispose / to preset / presupposition / predisposition / default (value etc)
web design
designer / architect
to set up / to establish
interior design
annexed to / attached to / associated
to reset
to offer (goods or services) / to open (for business etc)
to suppose / to presume / to assume / supposing that ... / if / hypothesis / conjecture
to arrange / to set out / to decorate / to display / decorative items
to construct / to erect
to add to existing facilities or services
public facilities / infrastructure
industrial design
to install / to fit (e.g. a light bulb)
look / external appearance / design / overall brand look or logo that can be patented
China Construction Bank
transmission facility / transmission equipment
located at / set up in a particular location
to display / to set out / furnishings
gaming device / controller (for computer or console)
mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc)
sound equipment / stereo
landscape design
to lay (railroad tracks, carpet, pipeline) / to install (wiring, cable) / to construct (road, concrete slab)
network design / network plan
to establish a factory
postulate (math.) / public facilities (abbr. for 公共設施|公共设施)
to establish / to found / to create (a good environment)
designer / architect (of a project)
team building (abbr. for 團隊建設|团队建设) / building camaraderie within the Chinese Communist Youth League 中國共產主義青年團|中国共产主义青年团
to set a trap
ad hoc / to set up specially
transport infrastructure
to imagine / to assume / to envisage / tentative plan / to have consideration for
the design of a character (in games, manga etc) (abbr. for 人物設定|人物设定) / (fig.) (a celebrity or other public figure's) image in the eyes of the public / public persona
eye-catching décor for young children (in classrooms, libraries etc) (posters, mobiles, murals etc) (abbr. for 環境創設|环境创设)
design norm / planning regulations
metadata (Tw)
(of an organization etc) standing or permanent
network equipment
to set up separately / to establish separate units
to set up a vendor's stand
computer programming
to try / to make an attempt / to think of a way (to accomplish sth)
converter / conversion device
nuclear facility / nuclear installation
to install / to set up
to set up defenses / to fortify
constructive / constructiveness
too horrible to contemplate / unthinkable / inconceivable
production facility
intelligent design (religion)
to put oneself in sb else's shoes
computer-aided design
input device (computer)
sanitary equipment
living facilities
to exist in name only / empty shell / useless (idiom)
first founded
to paint / to color
meta- (prefix) (Tw)
military installations
lit. made by Heaven and arranged by Earth(idiom) / ideal / perfect / (of a match) made in heaven / to be made for one another
(Tw) shared-facilities ratio (expressed as a percentage of the total floor space of a building)
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC (MOHURD) / abbr. to 住建部
to prepare an ambush / to waylay
China Communications Construction Company
sound card / audio card (computer)
graduation project
design process
CAD computer-aided design
airport construction fee (abbr. for 機場建設費|机场建设费)
to lay / to spread out
to scam / to set a trap / to set up a scheme to defraud people
to install (water pipes, landmines etc) underground
Shetland Islands
constructive criticism
metacognition (Tw)
design of a learning environment for young children, incorporating artwork designed to appeal to them / abbr. to 環創|环创
to think up every possible method (idiom); to devise ways and means / to try this, that and the other
customer premise equipment / CPE
null hypothesis (statistics)

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