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  *血* | 血* | *血
blood / colloquial pr. [xie3] / CL: ,
blood pressure
heart's blood / expenditure (for some project) / meticulous care
high blood pressure / hypertension
hot blood / warm-blooded (animal) / endothermic (physiology)
reeking of blood / bloody (events)
blood group / blood type
shopping as a fun pastime (loanword)
qi and blood (two basic bodily fluids of Chinese medicine)
vein / artery / CL:
bloody battle
to be prompted by a sudden impulse / carried away by a whim / to have a brainstorm
lit. head broken and blood flowing / fig. badly bruised
to lose everything one invested (idiom) / to lose one's shirt
to bleed / bleeding / (fig.) to spend money in large amounts
to donate blood / also written 供血
bloodthirsty / bloodsucking / hemophile
cerebral hemorrhage
hard-earned money
full of sap (idiom); young and vigorous
to be drenched with blood / dripping blood
erythrocyte / red blood cell
blood sugar
blood vessels
wisps of blood / visible veins / (of eyes) bloodshot
to bleed / to shed blood
internal bleeding / internal hemorrhage
letter written in one's own blood, expressing determination, hatred, last wishes etc
rivers of blood (idiom) / bloodbath
blood purge / massacre
blood relationship / lineage / parentage
thin blood / watery blood
cardiovascular disease
leech / bloodsucking vermin / vampire (translated European notion) / fig. cruel exploiter, esp. a capitalist exploiting the workers
to take blood / to draw blood (e.g. for a test)
to donate blood
lit. to pour dog's blood on (idiom) / fig. torrent of abuse
person of mixed blood / half-breed / mulatto
low blood pressure
to do a blood test / to have one's blood tested
murder case
blood lipid
blood pressure meter / sphygmomanometer
direct descendant / blood relative
serum / blood serum
bloodbath / carnage
to enrich the blood
blood circulation
blood is thicker than water / fig. family ties are closer than social relations
vitamin C / ascorbic acid
cerebrovascular disease
cerebral hemorrhage / stroke
to let blood (Chinese medicine) / to bleed / to stab sb (slang)
antihypertensive drug
(fig.) history full of suffering / heart-rending story / CL:
blood clot
to improve blood circulation (Chinese medicine)
bloody garment
flesh and blood / one's offspring
blood flow
tears of blood (symbol of extreme suffering) / blood and tears
to suck blood
metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding outside the expected menstrual period)
cold-blood / cold-blooded (animal)
blood loss
brave / staunch / unyielding
hypoglycemia (medicine)
to staunch (bleeding) / hemostatic (drug)
color (of one's skin, a sign of good health) / red of cheeks
blood and sweat / sweat and toil
blood bank
bloodstone / red-fleck chalcedony / heliotrope (mineralogy)
blood clot
blood clot / thrombosis
blood relationship / consanguinity
hyperglycemia / abnormally high blood sugar level
lit. to inject chicken blood / (coll.) extremely excited or energetic (often used mockingly)
to transfuse blood / to give aid and support
Ferghana horse
to be fired up (idiom) / to have one's blood racing
blood platelet
lack of blood
hemorrhage fever
lit. no blood on the men's swords (idiom); fig. an effortless victory
menstruation (TCM)
to coagulate
melodramatic / contrived
blood and vital breath / bloodline (i.e. parentage) / valor

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