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  *筋* | 筋* | *筋
muscle / tendon / veins visible under the skin / sth resembling tendons or veins (e.g. fiber in a vegetable)
steel reinforcing bar
reinforced concrete
to be a real headache / to find sth a real headache / to beat one's brains
rubber band
muscles and bones / physique / strength / courage
low-gluten flour / cake flour / pastry flour / soft flour
plantar fasciitis (medicine)
brains / mind / head / way of thinking
  *觔* | 觔* | *觔
variant of / variant of
cramp / charley horse / to pull a tendon
rubber band
bread flour / hard flour
stretching (exercise)
all-purpose flour / flour for making dumplings and noodles
to use one's brains / to think
tendons and muscles
reinforced concrete
tumble / somersault
muscle cramp
veins / blue veins
(coll.) dim-witted / foolish / absent-minded
tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica)
wire grass (Eleusine indica)
lit. muscles and joints / by ext. the relations between parts in a speech, composition etc
variant of 筋斗
penis (Chinese medicine)
wheat starch
to suffer serious injury (idiom)
body weary, strength exhausted (idiom); extremely tired / spent
to suffer serious injury (idiom)
red and tense with anger (idiom)
to tumble / to fall head over heels / (fig.) to take a tumble
rebar (construction)
Sun Wukong's magical cloud
red and tense with anger (idiom)
to tumble / to turn a somersault
idiot / porridge head
stubborn / inflexible / one-track minded
to play rubber band jump rope
(coll.) rubber band
backward somersault
to turn cartwheels

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