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  *哀* | 哀* | *哀
Ai (c. 2000 BC), sixth of legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God, also known as Li 釐|厘
  *哀* | 哀* | *哀
sorrow / grief / pity / to grieve for / to pity / to lament / to condole
  *釐* | 釐* | *釐
Li (c. 2000 BC), sixth of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God, also known as Ai
grief / distress / bereavement / grieved / heartbroken / dejected
to cry piteously / anguished wailing / same as 哀嚎
grieved / sorrowful
mournful song / dirge / elegy
four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜|欢喜, anger 憤怒|愤怒, sorrow 悲哀 and joy 快樂|快乐
sorrow / sadness / distressed / sorrowful
to grieve over sb's death / to lament sb's death / mourning
to entreat / to implore / to plead
to observe a moment of silence in tribute
grief / resentment / aggrieved / plaintive
lit. plaintive whine of geese (idiom); fig. land swarming with disaster victims / starving people fill the land
to express grief / to mourn
to sigh / to lament / to bewail
to grieve / to mourn / deep sorrow / grief
(of animals, the wind etc) to make a mournful sound / whine / moan / wail
sorrow / grief
to weep in sorrow
funeral music / plaint / dirge
funeral pomp
to feel compassion for / to pity on / to feel sorry for
Lizhu, personal name of twenty-first and last Tang emperor Aidi 哀帝 (892-908), reigned 904-907
the Lamentations of Jeremiah
grief-stricken thoughts / mourning
to take pity on / to feel sorry for
to wail
to beg piteously / to supplicate
I, me (self-referring by a widowed empress etc, used in historical novels and operas)
restrain your grief, accept fate (condolence phrase)
deeply felt but not mawkish (idiom)
nothing sadder than a withered heart (idiom attributed to Confucius by Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子) / no greater sorrow than a heart that never rejoices / the worst sorrow is not as bad as an uncaring heart / nothing is more wretched than apathy
to pay respects to the dead / to mark sb's passing
melancholy / sad and moving
plaintive and beautiful / melancholy but gorgeous
an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win (idiom)
weeping and gnashing one's teeth (idiom)
to take pity on / to feel sorry for
son orphaned of his mother
dirge / lament
Abdominal Lament / acupuncture point SP 16
variant of 哀辭|哀辞
obituary (archaic term)
to be respected in life and lamented in death (idiom)
Emperor Aidi of Tang, reign name of twenty-first and last Tang emperor Li Zhu 李祝 (892-908), reigned 904-907
to persuade by all possible means / to implore
Yu Xin (513-581), poet from Liang of the Southern dynasties 南朝梁朝 and author of Lament for the South 哀江南賦|哀江南赋
to be deeply grieved
alas / all is lost
ultimatum (loanword)
begging for pity and asking for help (idiom)
desolate / mournful
to bring tribute as sign of submission (idiom); to submit
to entreat piteously / to implore
Lament for the South, long poem in Fu style by Yu Xin 庾信 mourning the passing of Liang of the Southern dynasties 南朝梁朝
to howl in grief / anguished wailing / same as 哀号
Molière (1622-1673), French playwright and actor, master of comedy
(literary) orphan

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