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to take revenge / to avenge
  *仇* | 仇* | *仇
surname Qiu
  *仇* | 仇* | *仇
hatred / animosity / enmity / foe / enemy / to feel animosity toward (the wealthy, foreigners etc)
  *仇* | 仇* | *仇
spouse / companion
enemy / foe
feud / bitter quarrel
to avenge / vengeance
to bite the hand that feeds one (idiom)
to start a feud / to become enemies
to use public office to avenge private wrongs
a wrong suffered (idiom) / old grievance / previous defeat
to hate / hatred / enmity / hostility
foe / one's personal enemy
to take revenge and wipe out a grudge (idiom)
anger against a common enemy (idiom); joined in opposition to the same adversary
to view sb as an enemy; to be hateful towards
to kill in revenge
to hold a grudge
hatred and desire for revenge
debt of gratitude coupled with duty to avenge
(idiom) to fall out with sb; to become enemies
to hate evil as one hates an enemy (idiom)
to take advantage of official post for personal revenge (idiom)
rancor / enmity / hatred resulting from grievances
to take revenge and erase humiliation (idiom)
feud / vendetta / old foe
personal grudge
great bitterness, deep hatred (idiom); deeply ingrained long-standing resentment
  *讎* | 讎* | *讎
variant of
bitter hatred / hatred that cuts to the bone
to regard as an enemy
  *㐜* | 㐜* | *㐜
variant of
animosity or resentment towards three groups (the bureaucrats, the wealthy, and the police) due to perceived abuse of power
when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred (idiom)
to feel animosity toward foreigners or outsiders / xenophobia
to hate the rich
hate crime
hate crime
(literary) enemy / foe
lit. for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long (idiom) / fig. revenge is a dish best served cold
to carry out a vendetta against sb
a real man, if he takes a hit, will seek to even the score (idiom)
one who doesn't avenge an injustice is not a gentleman, one who doesn't redress a wrong is not a man (idiom)
blood or family feud (idiom)
  *讐* | 讐* | *讐
variant of

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