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to die / death
  *亡* | 亡* | *亡
to die / to lose / to be gone / to flee / deceased
casualties / injuries and deaths
to be destroyed / to become extinct / to perish / to die out / to destroy / to exterminate
to force into exile / to be exiled / in exile
to flee / flight (from danger) / fugitive
mortality rate
number of people killed / death toll
to die in battle
a widow (a widow's way of referring to herself in former times)
departed spirit
  *亾* | 亾* | *亾
old variant of
the deceased
to lead to death / to result in death
(of a nation) to be destroyed / subjugation / vanquished nation
soul of the deceased / departed spirit
to die out / to wither away
to flee / to go into exile (from prison)
to have lost both one's parents
runaway (idiom); desperate criminal / fugitive
matter of life and death
family bankrupt and the people dead (idiom); ruined and orphaned / destitute and homeless
to be defeated and dispersed
government in exile (e.g. of Tibet)
deceased mother
to live or die / to exist or perish
to die / to pass away
the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom)
to save from extinction / to save the nation
fall (of an empire)
to court disaster (idiom) / to dig one's own grave
(of a country) to perish / to be annexed / subjugation (to a foreign power)
to die from excessive ejaculation
at stake / in peril
lit. without the lips, the teeth feel the cold (idiom); fig. intimately interdependent
the country ruined and the people starving (idiom)
to die out / conquered
to die
Death note (Japanese: デスノート), translation of cult manga series by author ŌBA Tsugumi 大場鶇|大场鸫 (pen-name) and illustrator OBATA Takeshi 小畑健
lit. human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food (idiom) / fig. man will do anything in his means to become rich
premature death
to flourish and decay / rise and fall
people killed in battle
to decline / to die out / decline and fall
to die young
variant of 王八
brain death
OHBA Tsugumi (pen-name), author of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记
nonextant / lost to the ages
to go into exile
brain dead
clinical death
dispersed and lost
country destroyed, its people annihilated (idiom); total destruction
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.
OBATA Takeshi, manga artist, illustrator of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记
the Save the Nation Anti-Japanese Protest Movement stemming from the Manchurian railway incident of 18th July 1931 九一八事變|九一八事变
to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy
Memorial Day (American holiday)
Memorial Day (American holiday)
lit. to mend the pen after sheep are lost (idiom) / fig. to act belatedly / better late than never / to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
a make-or-break matter / a matter of life and death
lit. has a name but no reality (idiom); exists only in name / nominal
Save the Nation anti-Japanese organization
subjugated people / refugee from a destroyed country
to die / to perish
person and lute have both vanished (idiom) / death of a close friend
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.
to die
submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish

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