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to consider / to deliberate / to fill up a cup to the brim
to consider (a matter) / to deliberate
to charge different prices according to the situation / to collect (items) as appropriate
  *酌* | 酌* | *酌
to pour wine / to drink wine / to deliberate / to consider
to have a drink / small party
to use discretion / to take circumstances into account / to make allowances pertinent to a situation
to consider / to allow for / to use one's discretion / to measure (food and drink)
to drink alone
to make considered reductions / discretionary reduction
examination / to check and review
to decide after intense deliberation
weighing every word
to pour wine
to give as one sees fit
to weigh and consider / to deliberate / short form of idiom 衡情酌理
to sit face-to-face and drink
to make considered additions
to deliberate
wine offered to gods in worship
to honor a deity with wine
to use one's own discretion
to do as one thinks fit / to handle by taking circumstances into consideration
to fill up (a wine glass) to the brim
to enjoy a cup of wine by oneself
to consider and discuss
to act after full consideration of the actual situation
informal dinner
to consider and decide
the poor food I offer you (humble); my inadequate hospitality
to verify after consultation
to measure one's words
discretion / discretionary power
to make a considered decision
to pour out wine
to weight the matter and deliberate the reason (idiom); to weigh and consider / to deliberate
feast at the birth of a child
discretionary power

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