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to criticize / criticism / CL: 個|个
to evaluate / to assess
to comment on / to discuss / comment / commentary / CL:
to evaluate / to assess / assessment / evaluation
to grade / to mark (student's work) / grade / score (of student's work)
to comment / a point by point commentary
favorable criticism / positive evaluation
  *评* | 评* | *评
to discuss / to comment / to criticize / to judge / to choose (by public appraisal)
film review
poor evaluation / adverse criticism
to test and evaluate
to select on the basis of a vote or consensus
to appraise / to evaluate / to judge
book review / book notice
to evaluate / to make one's judgment
to elect as / to choose as / to consider as
evaluation / to investigate and evaluate
to appraise through discussion
pingshu, a folk art where a single performer narrates stories from history or fiction
Meituan-Dianping, China's largest service-focused e-commerce platform
to judge (a competition) / to appraise
comment / evaluation
critic / reviewer
environmental impact assessment (EIA) / abbr. for 環境影響評估|环境影响评估
evaluation committee / judging panel / judging panel member / adjudicator / abbr. for 評選委員會委員|评选委员会委员
to criticize / to evaluate
to comment on / commentary
to evaluate (by comparison)
credit rating
to grade exam papers
to determine the recipient of an award through discussion
editorial (in a newspaper) / also written 社論|社论
(neologism) incisive commentary (abbr. for 銳利評論|锐利评论)
jury / panel of judges
to discuss and evaluate / to appraise
to comment / a point by point commentary
to display for evaluation / to exhibit and compare
to reevaluate / to reassess
to read and appraise
environmental impact assessment EIA / abbr. to 環評|环评
to review (a book)
lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woman's appearance / fig. to find fault in minor details / to remark upon a person's appearance / nitpicking / overcritical / judgmental
to comment / to evaluate
to make no comment / "no comment"
evaluation / assessment
to judge / to assess
rank, classify
to judge
comment / statement
expert evaluation
credit rating
constructive criticism
to criticize severely / to slate
to judge between right and wrong / to reason things out
No comment!
to annotate / annotation / commentary / remark
to appraise
hazard assessment
critic / detractor
expert commentary
sharp criticism
storytelling dramatic art dating back to Song and Yuan periods, single narrator without music, often historical topics with commentary
a re-evaluation / to re-assess
rubric (i.e. a guide listing specific criteria for grading)
to make idle remarks about a woman's appearance (idiom)
Special Jury Prize
peer review
a hit / tremendous popularity
to evaluate / to appraise

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