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to deposit money / to save / savings
to save / to put aside / savings
  *蓄* | 蓄* | *蓄
to store up / to grow (e.g. a beard) / to entertain (ideas)
deliberate / premeditated / malice
water storage
to wait for action after having accumulated power, energy etc
accumulator / battery
savings account (in bank)
savings rate
fixed deposit (banking)
to contain / to hold / (of a person or style etc) reserved / restrained / (of words, writings) full of hidden meaning / implicit / veiled (criticism)
to preserve and nurture one's spirit (idiom); honing one's strength for the big push
to accumulate / to store up
debit card
to raise (animals)
to premeditate / to plot
personal savings
lead-acid accumulator / battery (e.g. in car)
variant of 含蓄
to contain two things at a time / to mingle / to incorporate
latent / hidden and not developed
water reservoir
incorporating diverse things (idiom) / eclectic / all-embracing
to grow a beard as a symbol of one's determination (as Mei Lanfang 梅蘭芳|梅兰芳 growing a beard and refusing to perform for the Japanese)
knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare)

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