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to detect / to test / detection / sensing
inspection / to examine / to inspect / CL:
to inspect / to examine / to test
to retrieve (data) / to look up / retrieval / search
  *检* | 检* | *检
to check / to examine / to inspect / to exercise restraint
disciplinary inspection / to inspect another's discipline
to inspect / (law) to prosecute / to investigate
quarantine / quality inspection
prosecutor's office / procuratorate
to overhaul / to examine and fix (a motor) / to service (a vehicle)
medical laboratory technology
to examine or inspect / self-criticism / review
sensor / detector
safety check
to act with self-restraint / to examine oneself / to perform a self-test
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CCP
to report (an offense to the authorities) / to inform against sb
quality inspection
PRC Supreme People's Procuratorate (prosecutor's office)
a test / determination / to check up on / to examine / to assay
sampling / spot check / random test
full text search
medical technologist
public prosecutor / public procurator (judicial officer whose job may involve both criminal investigation and public prosecution)
quarantine inspection
to detect / to examine and discover / to sense
to inspect / to review (troops etc) / military review
AQSIQ / PRC State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
to inspect / to examine
to inspect goods
entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
physical examination / clinical examination / health checkup
Disciplinary Committee of Chinese Communist Party
to inspect one by one / to list individually
the prosecution / prosecutors
laboratory medicine
to fix a leak (in a roof, pipe etc) / to check for leaks
border inspection / immigration inspection
public security authorities, acronym from 公安局, 檢察院|检察院 and 法院
drugs test (e.g. on athletes)
sudden unannounced investigation / on-the-spot inspection / to search without notification
prenatal examination / antenatal examination
to detect (e.g. radio waves)
to examine / to check / to keep a lookout / cautious / restrained (in speech or mannerisms)
verification / inspection (loanword from Japanese)
Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)
quarantine bureau / quality inspection office
echography / ultrasound scan
screening (medicine)
to check / to verify / to proof-read
restrained and cautious
(Tw) medical checkup / physical examination (abbr. for 健康檢查|健康检查)
to prosecute (criminal) / the prosecution
(Tw) public prosecutors, the police, and the Investigation Bureau (abbr. for 檢察官警察調查局|检察官警察调查局)
roll-call (e.g. at athletics event) / check the record
to check / to consult / to look up
prosecutor / procurator
Prosecutor-General (Tw)
district prosecutor's office
autopsy / necropsy / postmortem examination
to arrange for ease of search / to catalogue for retrieval
passenger inspection (customs)
optical detector
inspection post / checkpoint
slide examination / microscopic examination of thin section of specimen as part of biopsy
biopsy / abbr. to 活檢|活检
indexing system for Chinese characters in a dictionary
to rummage / to look through / to leaf through
to search out / to check
(of police etc) to stop (sb) for inspection / to pull (sb) over
word index (of a dictionary)
infrared body thermometer / temperature gun
to regulate / to check and restrict
the prosecuting side (in a trial) / the prosecution
procedure of verification (accountancy)
frame check sequence (FCS)
detection kit
detection kit
home pregnancy test kit
lookup table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke count
peer review
contamination meter
chemical detection kit
gas detection
General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), commissioned by Taiwan's Ministry of Education in 1999

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