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star / celebrity
male star / famous actor
  *星* | 星* | *星
star / heavenly body / satellite / small amount
  *斗* | 斗* | *斗
abbr. for the Big Dipper constellation 北斗星
Sanxing or Sanhsing township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan / Samsung (South Korean electronics company)
three major stars of the Three Stars 參宿|参宿 Chinese constellation / the belt of Orion / three spirits , 祿|禄, and 壽|寿 associated with the Three Stars 參宿|参宿 Chinese constellation
starry sky / the heavens
week / CL: 個|个 / day of the week / Sunday
constellation / astrological sign / CL: 張|张
star rating / top-class / highly rated
star in the sky
celestial body (e.g. planet, satellite etc) / heavenly body
satellite TV / abbr. of 衛星電視|卫星电视
the five visible planets, namely: Mercury 水星, Venus 金星, Mars 火星, Jupiter 木星, Saturn 土星
interstellar / interplanetary
satellite / moon / CL: 顆|颗
Star Wars
Qixing district of Guilin city 桂林市, Guangxi
Mars (planet)
Stephen Chow (1962-), Hong Kong actor, comedian, screenwriter and film director, known for his mo lei tau 無厘頭|无厘头 movies
five-star (hotel)
planet / CL: 顆|颗
Hongxing district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
red star / five pointed star as symbol or communism or proletariat / hot film star
(Western-style) horoscope
Venus (planet)
gold star / stars (that one sees from blow to the head etc)
sports star (ball sport)
the Big Dipper / the Plow
double star
StarCraft (video game series)
the twelve constellations on the ecliptic plane / the signs of the zodiac
cat (Internet slang)
many stars / a vast sky full of stars
meteor / shooting star
nova (astronomy)
the moon and the stars
(fixed) star
Mercury (planet)
mascot / lucky star
film star
singing star / famous singer
fragmentary / random / bits and pieces / sporadic
child star
Jupiter (planet)
giant star / superstar
North Star / Polaris
to divine by astrology / horoscope
Baby's Breath / Gypsophila paniculata
Tai Sui, God of the year / archaic name for the planet Jupiter 木星 / nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area
starfish / sea star
five-starred red flag (PRC national flag)
satellite navigation / sat-nav
morning stars
asterisk * (punct.)
satellite TV
savior / liberator / emancipator / knight in shining armor
which day of the week
god of longevity / elderly person whose birthday is being celebrated
lit. Martian language / fig. Internet slang used to communicate secret messages that the general public or government can't understand
Neptune (planet)
dog (Internet slang)
Saturn (planet)
aspect of the celestial bodies (used for navigation and astrology)
meteor shower
lit. whole sky, a multitude of stars
constellation (arch., now 星座) / one of the 28 constellations of traditional Chinese astronomy and astrology / motion of stars since one's birth (predetermining one's fate in astrology)
satellite photo
Sing Tao, Hong Kong media group and publisher of Sing Tao Daily 星島日報|星岛日报
Wisconsin, US state
Sirius, a double star in constellation Canis Major 大犬座
celestial body (planet, satellite etc)
a single spark (idiom); an insignificant cause can have a massive effect
artificial satellite
last week
global positioning system (GPS)
resourceful person / mastermind
communications satellite
(astronomy) Venus
astronomic calendar
"satellite" town / edge city / exurb
star atlas
Louxing district of Loudi city 婁底市|娄底市, Hunan
lit. the Big Dipper 北斗星 has turned and the stars have moved / time flies / also written 星移斗轉|星移斗转
Xingzi county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon (idiom, from Analects); fig. to view sb as core figure / to group around a revered leader / to revolve around sb
front sight (firearms) / the zero point indicator marked on a steelyard
at a stride / taking large steps (while walking)
Xingzi county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
Uranus (planet)
astrology and physiognomy

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