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grave / tomb
to rob a tomb
old tomb (archaeology)
  *墓* | 墓* | *墓
grave / tomb / mausoleum
Tomb Raider (computer game)
to sweep a grave (and pay one's respects to the dead person)
inscribed stone tablet placed in the tomb / memorial inscription on such a tablet
public cemetery
(archeology) grave / tomb
cemetery / graveyard
gravestone / tombstone
tomb / mausoleum
cemetery / graveyard
tomb / grave
to dig one's own grave
path leading to a grave / tomb passage / aisle leading to the coffin chamber of an ancient tomb
burial complex (archaeology)
funerary pagoda
Zhang Pu (1602-1641), Ming dynasty scholar and prolific writer, proponent of 複社|复社 cultural renewal movement, author of Five tombstone inscriptions 五人墓碑記|五人墓碑记
tomb of the unknown soldier
occupant of tomb / person buried
Five tombstone inscriptions (1628), written by Zhang Pu 張溥|张溥
burial area
memorial hall and tomb
Mt Babao Revolutionary Cemetery in Haidian district of Beijing
Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC, USA
tombstone / gravestone
(archeology) burial complex
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
mass grave
to exhume a body for public flogging (idiom)
old tomb
grave digger
Chidori ga fuchi, national war cemetery in Tokyo / also called Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
layer filled with rammed earth in a tomb pit (archeology)
tomb pit

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