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military affairs / military matters / military
champion / CL: 個|个
general / high-ranking military officer / to check or checkmate / fig. to embarrass / to challenge / to put sb on the spot
army / troops / CL: , 個|个
second place (in a sports contest) / runner-up
third in a race / bronze medalist
  *军* | 军* | *军
(bound form) army / military
Chiangchun township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
serviceman / soldier / military personnel
Red Army (1928-1937), predecessor of the PLA / (Soviet) Red Army (1917-1946)
to march / to advance
to lead troups / (fig.) to lead / leading
People's Liberation Army
army / main forces
People's Liberation Army (PRC armed forces)
corps / legion
New Armies (modernized Qing armies, trained and equipped according to Western standards, founded after Japan's victory in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895)
air force
all-army / all-military
army / ground forces
barracks / army camp
military practice, esp. for reservists or new recruits / military training as a (sometimes compulsory) subject in schools and colleges / drill
Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)
US army / US armed forces
weapons and ammunition / munitions / arms
military doctor
officer (military)
military sports / military fitness (curriculum etc) / abbr. to 軍體|军体
geographical area of command / (PLA) military district
Japanese army / Japanese troops
military school / military academy
(for) military use / military application
Military Commission of the Communist Party Central Committee
army-civilian / military-masses / military-civilian
enemy troops / hostile forces / CL:
Central Military Committee (CMC)
army rank / military rank
a march (army) / to march
Eighth Route Army, the larger of the two major Chinese communist forces fighting the Japanese in the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)
important general / generalissimo
army grouping / collective army
military situation / military intelligence
military science
allied armies
to join the army
(old) military counselor / (coll.) trusted adviser
Army Day (August 1)
marine corps / marines
military clique / junta / warlord
warship / military naval vessel / CL:
navy (archaic) / person employed to post messages on the Internet (abbr. for 網絡水軍|网络水军)
military uniform
military supplies
New Fourth army of Republic of China, set up in 1937 and controlled by the communists
Li Guang (-119 BC), Han dynasty general, nicknamed Flying General 飛將軍|飞将军 and much feared by the Xiongnu 匈奴
soldier / noncommssioned officer (NCO)
to emerge as a new force to be reckoned with (idiom)
expeditionary force / army on a distant expedition
(in former times) upper, middle and lower army / army of right, center and left / (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force
military strength / military power
air base
funds and provisions for the troops / (soldier's) pay
allied forces
military operation
to enlist / to serve in the army
crusaders / army of crusaders / the Crusades
military power
military aircraft / secret plan / Privy Council during the Qing dynasty
serviceman's wife / wives of military personnel
invincible army
Air Force One, US presidential jet
military knife / saber
military order
Russian army
government army
military installations
nickname of Han dynasty general Li Guang 李廣|李广
lit. to form an army / to set up (team, group, band, organization etc) / to found / opening (ceremony) / to commission (arms system, naval vessel) / to graduate from an apprenticeship
field army
to withdraw troops / to retreat
Scout (youth organization)
child soldiers / juvenile militia
the Qing army
the Chinese People's Volunteer Army deployed by China to aid North Korea in 1950
National Revolutionary Army
army and government
the Qin army (model for the terracotta warriors)
military subdistricts
Whampoa Military Academy
military exercises

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