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  *开* | 开* | *开
to open / to start / to turn on / to boil / to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc) / to operate (a vehicle) / carat (gold) / abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文 / abbr. for 開本|开本, book format
translated text
former Han dynasty study or rewriting of classical texts such as the Confucian six classics 六經|六经
foreign language (written)
old language / the Classics / classical Chinese as a literary model, esp. in Tang and Song prose / classical Chinese as a school subject
Richmond (place name or surname)
Charles Darwin (1809-1882), British biologist and author of "On the Origin of Species" 物種起源|物种起源 / Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory (Australia) 北領地|北领地
literature and language
worthless (idiom) / no use whatsoever
Ban Ki Moon (1944-), Korean diplomat, UN secretary-general from 2006
unwritten (rule)
the text of an annotated book / an unannotated edition of a book / intagliated characters (on a seal)
inscription on a tablet
archaic (and simpler) form of a Chinese character
inscription in bronze / bell-cauldron inscription
received document / sent document
Thai (language)
preceding part of the text
Elvish (language of elves)
  *梵* | 梵* | *梵
abbr. for 梵教 Brahmanism / abbr. for Sanskrit 梵語|梵语 or 梵文 / abbr. for 梵蒂岡|梵蒂冈, the Vatican
repetitious passage / multiple variants of Chinese characters
Thousand Character Classic, 6th century poem used as a traditional reading primer
Sven Hedin (1865-1952), famous Swedish adventurer and archaeologist, whose 1894-1900 Central Asian expeditions uncovered Kroraina or Loulan 樓蘭|楼兰 / also written 斯文·赫定
Mongolian language
Kevin (person name)
Evan / Avon / Ivan
Tibetan script / Tibetan written language / Tibetan language
Steven (name) / Simon Stevin (1548-1620), Flemish engineer and mathematician, played a key role in introducing the decimal system to Europe
Devanagari alphabet used in India and Nepal
Russian language
Chinese language / Chinese script
the great seal / used narrowly for 籀文 / used broadly for many pre-Qin scripts
Malaysian language
a dissertation / a PhD thesis
hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet / Korean written language
Syriac language (from c. 2nd century BC) / the Syriac script
prose / essay
Japanese (language)
Vietnamese written language / Vietnamese literature
Braille (alphabet for the blind)
obituary notice
variant of 序文
to return to old ways (a Confucian aspiration) / to turn back the clock / neoclassical school during Tang and Song associated with classical writing 古文 / retro (fashion style based on nostalgia, esp. for 1960s)
poetry and literature
Pali, language of Theravad Pali canon
German (language)
to state in writing (laws, rules etc)
luminous style
eight-part essay one had to master to pass the imperial exams in Ming and Qing dynasties
Manchurian written language
Tsai Ing-wen (1956-), Taiwanese DPP politician, president of the Republic of China from 2016
a worthless piece of paper (idiom)
article (in publication)
remarkable work / peculiar writing
Tianjin agreement of 1885 between Li Hongzhang 李鴻章|李鸿章 and ITŌ Hirobumi 伊藤博文 to pull Qing and Japanese troops out of Korea
French language
official communication (between gov. offices of equal rank) / report delivered by the head of gov. on affairs of state
Jyōmon period of Japanese prehistory, with rope pattern pottery
Portuguese (language)
applied writing / writing for practical purposes (business letters, advertising etc)
Chinese written language / Chinese literature esp. as taught abroad
clause / explanatory section in a document
Jiang Wen (1963-), sixth generation Chinese movie director
Owen (name) / Erwin (name) / Irvine, California
blog article / to write a blog article (netspeak)
ITŌ Hirobumi (1841-1909), Japanese Meiji restoration politician, prime minister on four occasions, influential in Japanese expansionism in Korea, assassinated in Harbin
scripture / scriptures / CL:
Burmese (language, esp. written)
classical Chinese
narrative writing / written narration
Roman Tam (1949-), Canto-pop singer
to compose an essay
hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet
to write prose
Kevin Rudd (1957-), Australian politician, proficient in Mandarin, prime minister 2007-2010 and 2013
writing style (formal) / to send an official written communication
Zhu Yuanwen, personal name of second Ming Emperor Jianwen 建文
Spanish (language)
Longman (name)
written / statutory
Longwen district of Zhangzhou city 漳州市, Fujian
a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people / two-character surname Yuwen
first line of the Thousand Character Classic 千字文
quotation / citation
Wang Hongwen (1935-1992), one of the Gang of Four
characters cut in relief
  *转* | 转* | *转
Calvin (1509-1564), French protestant reformer
context / the surrounding words / same as 上下文
Yongzhen Reform, Tang dynasty failed reform movement of 805 led by Wang Shuwen 王叔文
crude and ill-educated (idiom)
paper / treatise / thesis / CL: / to discuss a paper or thesis (old)
coded text / cypher
Kharosthi (ancient language of central Asia)

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