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  *長* | 長* | *長
chief / head / elder / to grow / to develop / to increase / to enhance
  *彰* | 彰* | *彰
clear / conspicuous / manifest
  *章* | 章* | *章
surname Zhang
  *章* | 章* | *章
chapter / section / clause / movement (of symphony) / seal / badge / regulation / order
  *仗* | 仗* | *仗
weaponry / to hold (a weapon) / to wield / to rely on / to depend on / war / battle
Zhang Gaoli (1946-), PRC politician
  *障* | 障* | *障
to block / to hinder / to obstruct
Oath of the Peach Garden, sworn by Liu Bei 劉備|刘备, Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞 and Guan Yu 關羽|关羽 at the start of the Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义
  *樟* | 樟* | *樟
camphor / Cinnamonum camphara
  *杖* | 杖* | *杖
a staff / a rod / cane / walking stick / to flog with a stick (old)
  *賬* | 賬* | *賬
account / bill / debt / CL: , 筆|笔
Zhang Ning (1975-), PRC female badminton player and Olympic gold medalist
Ambush from ten sides (pipa solo piece) / House of Flying Daggers (2004 movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋)
  *掌* | 掌* | *掌
palm of the hand / sole of the foot / paw / horseshoe / to slap / to hold in one's hand / to wield
John Doe / Zhang San, name for an unspecified person, first of a series of three: 張三|张三, 李四, 王五 Tom, Dick and Harry
the world's first seismograph invented by Zhang Heng 张衡 in 132 / abbr. for 候風地動儀|候风地动仪
Zhang Taiyan (1869-1936), scholar, journalist, revolutionary and leading intellectual around the time of the Xinhai revolution
Chang Dai-chien or Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), one of the greatest Chinese artists of the 20th century
Liu Bei's five great generals in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, namely: Guan Yu 關羽|关羽, Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞, Zhao Yun 趙雲|赵云, Ma Chao 馬超|马超, Huang Zhong 黃忠|黄忠
  *丈* | 丈* | *丈
measure of length, ten Chinese feet (3.3 m) / to measure / husband / polite appellation for an older male
nine-tailed turtle of mythology / The Nine-tailed Turtle, novel by late Qing novelist Zhang Chunfan 張春帆|张春帆
book by Han dynasty astronomer Zhang Heng
Zhang Hua (232-300), Western Jin writer, poet and politician / Zhang Hua (1958-1982), student held up as a martyr after he died saving an old peasant from a septic tank / other Zhang Hua's too numerous to mention
Zhang Yang (1967-), PRC film director and screenwriter
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou
lit. the Zhangs are better off than the Lis (idiom); to gossip about the neighbors
Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine
Zhang Dejiang (1946-), PRC politician
Zhang Bao (-184), leader of the Yellow Turban rebels during the late Han 漢朝|汉朝
lit. to drop a thousand zhang in one fall (idiom) / fig. (of business, popularity etc) to suffer a sudden, devastating decline / to take a dive
  *麞* | 麞* | *麞
variant of
  *幛* | 幛* | *幛
hanging scroll
lit. Zhang Fei fights Yue Fei / fig. an impossible combination / an impossible turn of events (idiom)
  *瘴* | 瘴* | *瘴
malaria / miasma
Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909), prominent politician in late Qing
Yellow Earth, 1984 movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋
  *瞕* | 瞕* | *瞕
cataract in the eye
  *嶂* | 嶂* | *嶂
cliff / range of peaks
Zhang Ji (767-830), Tang Dynasty poet
  *鄣* | 鄣* | *鄣
place name
Zhang Heng (78-139) great Han dynasty astronomer and mathematician
  *獐* | 獐* | *獐
river deer / roebuck
Zhang Yi (-309 BC), political strategist of the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
Zhengzitong, Chinese character dictionary with 33,549 entries, edited by Ming scholar Zhang Zilie 張自烈|张自烈 in 17th century
Zhang Juzheng (1525-1582), Grand Secretary during the Ming dynasty, credited with bringing the dynasty to its apogee
Zhang Xu (probably early 8th century), Tang dynasty poet and calligrapher, most famous for his grass script 草書|草书
Zhang Taiyan 章太炎 (1869-1936), scholar, journalist, revolutionary and leading intellectual around the time of the Xinhai revolution
lit. to put Zhang's hat on Li's head / to attribute sth to the wrong person (idiom) / to confuse one thing with another
Zhang Tian'yi (1906-1985), children's writer, author of prize-winning fairy tale Secret of the Magic Gourd 寶葫蘆的秘密|宝葫芦的秘密
Zhang Yi (1608-1695), prolific author and poet spanning interregnum between Ming and Qing
  *鱆* | 鱆* | *鱆
square zhang (i.e. unit of area 10 feet square) / monastic room 10 feet square / Buddhist or Daoist abbot / abbot's chamber
Zhang Wentian (1900-1976), CCP party leader and theorist
  *仉* | 仉* | *仉
surname of Mencius
  *仉* | 仉* | *仉
Zhang Zhixin (1930-1975) female revolutionary and martyr, who followed the true Marxist-Leninist line as a party member, and was arrested in 1969, murdered in 1975 after opposing the counterrevolutionary party-usurping conspiracies of Lin Biao and the Gang of Four, and only rehabilitated posthumously in 1979
late Ming cultural renewal movement, led by Zhang Pu 張溥|张溥 and others
Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001) son of Fengtian clique warlord, then senior general for the Nationalists and subsequently for the People's Liberation Army
Gang of Four: Jiang Qing 江青, Zhang Chunqiao 張春橋, Yao Wenyuan 姚文元, Wang Hongwen 王洪文, who served as scapegoats for the excesses of the cultural revolution
Zhang Zizhong (1891-1940), Chinese National Revolutionary Army general during the Second Sino-Japanese War
water-driven armillary sphere (Zhang Heng's famous astronomical apparatus)
Zhang Xianzhong (1606-1647), leader of a late-Ming peasant revolt
Zhang Pu (1602-1641), Ming dynasty scholar and prolific writer, proponent of 複社|复社 cultural renewal movement, author of Five tombstone inscriptions 五人墓碑記|五人墓碑记
Zhang Bin (1979-), CCTV sports presenter
Zhang Zhizhong (1890-1969), National Revolutionary Army general
  *帳* | 帳* | *帳
covering veil / canopy / screen / tent / variant of 賬|账
Five tombstone inscriptions (1628), written by Zhang Pu 張溥|张溥
  *嫜* | 嫜* | *嫜
husband's father
Jung Chang (1952-), British-Chinese writer, name at birth Zhang Erhong 張二鴻|张二鸿, author of Wild Swans 野天鵝|野天鹅 and Mao: The Unknown Story 毛澤東·鮮為人知的故事|毛泽东·鲜为人知的故事
  *張* | 張* | *張
surname Zhang
  *張* | 張* | *張
to open up / to spread / sheet of paper / classifier for flat objects, sheet / classifier for votes
  *蟑* | 蟑* | *蟑
Shao Piaoping (1884-1926), pioneer of journalism and founder of newspaper Beijing Press 京報|京报, executed in 1926 by warlord Zhang Zuolin 張作霖|张作霖
Zhang Ruoxu (c. 660-720), Tang dynasty poet, author of yuefu poem River on a spring night 春江花月夜
Zhang Yi (c. 3rd century), literary figure from Wei of the Three Kingdoms, other name 稚讓|稚让, named as compiler of earliest extant Chinese encyclopedia 廣雅|广雅 and several lost works
Zhang Chang, official and scholar of the Eastern Han dynasty
  *粀* | 粀* | *粀
decameter (old)
Zhang Zilie (1597-1673), Ming dynasty scholar, author of Zhengzitong 正字通
the world's first seismograph invented by Zhang Heng 张衡 in 132
Zhang Sengyou (active c. 490-540), one of the Four Great Painters of the Six dynasties 六朝四大家
Raise the Red Lantern (1991), movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋
Zhang Jue (-184), leader of the Yellow turban rebels during the late Han
Zhang Tailei (1898-1927), founding member of Chinese communist party
Zhang Guotao (1897-1979), Chinese communist leader in the 1920s and 1930s, defected to Guomindang in 1938
Zhang county in Dingxi 定西, Gansu
School of Diplomacy of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) whose leading advocates were Su Qin 蘇秦|苏秦 and Zhang Yi 張儀|张仪
Zhang Zeduan (1085-1145), Song dynasty painter
  *脹* | 脹* | *脹
dropsical / swollen / to swell / to be bloated
Zhang Chunfan (-1935), late Qing novelist, author of The Nine-tailed Turtle 九尾龜|九尾龟
Zhang Tingyu (1672-1755), Qing politician, senior minister to three successive emperors, oversaw compilation of History of the Ming Dynasty 明史 and the Kangxi Dictionary 康熙字典
  *璋* | 璋* | *璋
ancient stone ornament
Qing's 1903 suppression of revolutionary calls in newspaper 蘇報|苏报, leading to imprisonment of Zhang Taiyan 章太炎 and Zou Rong 鄒容|邹容
Zhang Dai (1597-c. 1684), late Ming scholar
Zhang Dan (1985-), Chinese figure skater
  *暲* | 暲* | *暲
bright / to rise (of sun)
Zhang Ziyi (1979-), PRC actress
History of the Ming Dynasty, twenty fourth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Zhang Tingyu 張廷玉|张廷玉 in 1739 during the Qing Dynasty, 332 scrolls
  *漳* | 漳* | *漳
Zhang river in Fujian
Zhang Shizhao (1881-1973), revolutionary journalist in Shanghai, then established writer
  *鞝* | 鞝* | *鞝
patch of leather

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